Second Anointing

President Lee watched as Elder Ormonde slowly stepped toward, uneasy with his new reality and the things he was askedto do. The young boy had just days before been brought to the temple to be questions and tested, only to find himself experiencing an orgasm in the grip of the muscle daddy’s hand.

Elder Ormonde tried his best to hide his true desires from the older man, but President Lee was could see in his eyes a passion that burned brighter than most who came to him. Most boys had a hunger for sex from simply being repressed, teenage boys under constant supervision. Elder Ormonde, however… President Lee saw the way the boy looked at him.

His dark, thick lashes made his gaze even more intense. His eyes moved up and down the president’s body, taking him in like he was a masterpiece to behold. There was an instant feeling of respect, awe, and worship. Beyond just titles and practices–something primal, intense, and profound.

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Because of this, President Lee brought him to the temple again. He had much to explore on his journey to the higher priesthood, but he needed to have him again. Passionately and freely. The boy had not yet received his calling, but Lee knew he was worthy of the Second Anointing. He wanted to have him sealed to him, in the Order, there’s no better way.

Elder Ormonde was wearing nothing but his long, single-piece garments. The item seemed to exaggerate his long, lean torso. He was as tall as President Lee, but significantly thinner and weaker, lacking and of the tell-tale signs of a matured body. President Lee was quick to bring him close, wrapping his hands around him to pull apart the opening of his garment.

Elder Ormonde embraced the moment, focusing on the intimacy and fantasy of what was happening. He knew this was unorthodox and probably completely wrong, but he wanted President Lee more than any many he’d ever known. Everything about him turned him on. His voice, his face, his eyes, his smell, the feeling of his big, strong hands on him. He never felt more protected and safe, while at the same time wanting to be ravished and consumed.

President Lee delivered this in spades. The older man pawed at the boy’s buttocks, feeling his soft, furry ass inside his garments. It was an exciting and unique part of the boy’s physique, probably the only part of him that truly showed he was a full adult. His fingers ran over them, between them, teasing his crack and feeling their heat.

The older man lifted the boy up by his waist. Elder Ormande was quick to hold on with his legs and arms, impressed by the man’s strength. He seemed to have no problem whatsoever moving him about. Lee brought him to a white, cloth-covered altar where he sat him down. The older man looked down at the seated boy and saw his big brown eyes staring back at him adoringly. He was more beautiful than he remembered, prompting him to lean in and kiss his delicately on the lips.

Elder Ormonde watched as the older man moved around him, stopping to pick up a stone bowl and cloth. The boy’s legs hung over the edge, moving limply in the air without touching the floor. The older man took one of his feet up in his hand, feeling it’s soft, smooth surface, then taking the dampened clothed to its sole.

It felt a little weird for Ormonde. Not bad or even ticklish. Just out of place. How was it that this man was washing his feet? He would gladly have switched places. Elder Ormonde knew that President Lee was not only handsome, but powerful and important. He was deserving of such service and attention. And deep down, Ormonde wanted to be the one to give it to him.

Lee moved to the other foot, occasionally letting his free hand massage up his legs. He could see the effect he was having on the young boy, watching closely as the bulge in his garments began to twitch and rise. He reached out a hand to the boy’s crotch, feeling his member harden in his palm, before running it back down the length of his leg.

Fuck! Elder Ormonde thought to himself. He could feel his skin getting warming, his heart racing faster, and his breath becoming heavier. He needed him. He need to touch him and taste him. The man had only ever touched him and kissed him, but he’d not had the pleasure in return. He wondered for a moment if he ever would. Would his fantasies stay as they are, or would this be the moment he gets to seem them come true?

President Lee moved the boy up onto the altar, placing him on all fours. As the boy’s ass popped up, it split the back of his garments, giving the president a glimpse of the dark hair that coated his round buttocks. He couldn’t resist running his hand inside, feeling its heat and soft, furry coating. His hands caressed him, running down to his genitals, cradling his balls in his hands. He practically handled him like a show dog, inspecting his virile manhood and admiring his good breeding.

As he moved down to stroke his heavy hanging cock, President Lee watched as the boy’s hole puckered again and again. He was sensitive to his touch, not only because of his inexperience, but because of his hunger for him. Lee knew this, and it only made him want him more.

The older man knelt the boy up to take off his garments, peeling them off of him slowly and sensually. He watched as the white fabric gave way to his soft, golden skin, completely smooth and showing of every detail of his body. He was thin, but showing signs of muscles waiting to be awakened. Time had yet to bring them to their full potential. He was still ripe to be molded.

Once he was stripped bare, President Lee rolled up his sleeves and brought out a bottle of consecrated oil. Elder Ormonde recognized it as that of the special oils used in ceremonies and rituals. The older man glistened up his vascular hands, making them appear even stronger and more enticing.

With his hands warmed up, President Lee placed them gently on the boy’s body. He could practically hear his private thoughts, begging to be touched again. And once his hands made contact, Ormonde closed his eyes and let out a long, deep moan of pleasure. His cock stood out far and fully massed, patiently hoping and waiting that it would be touched again like before.

Lee, however, took his time, running the oil over the boy’s stomach and chest, watching it give new definition to the boy’s body. He appeared more athletic, stronger. He moved his oiled hands down the boys hips, massaging into his strong legs and thighs.

Please, Ormonde prayed to himself. Please. His thoughts were so strong, he feared he might have said it out loud. He knew he shouldn’t ask for it–it was wrong to ask for it. But he would have given anything to feel the man’s hand on his member again.

As if sensing the boy’s wish, President Lee pumped out another few drops of oil onto his hands, massaging it between his palms to get it good and warm. And then, pausing slowly to watch the boy’s body tremble with anticipation, he moved his hand forward and began to stroke the boy’s massive cock.

Ormonde wanted to cum right there, relieved to get what he needed. It felt like a warm, velvet blanket being dragged over the tip of his penis, and it sent fire throughout his entire body. He almost darned not to, but in the intensity of his pleasure, he let himself make another prayer: Please. Please fuck me. Please, please fuck me…

Published : 04/17/18


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