When Elder Larsen’s companion comes back from the doctor’s office, he notices right away that something has changed. His companion is happier and more relaxed than he has ever seen him before. Elder Larsen asks him what the doctor did that was so wonderful, but try as he may he can’t get his companion to tell him.

His companion insists it’s just his anxiety medication kicking in. But the change was so immediate and so total that Elder Larsen knows his companion is keeping something back. And Elder Larsen just has to know what it is.

The doctor, President Woodruff, is a member of the Church, and every time Elder Larsen has had to interact with him, the boy finds himself talking a mile a minute.

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Dr. Woodruff is just the kind of older man who has always intimidated and excited Larsen — hyper-masculine, gruff, and painfully handsome. What the boy doesn’t know, what he can’t even imagine, is that the doctor has strong feelings for him, too. This particular mission doctor loves having young naked missionarys in his office, as a regular perk of his job.

Every time the doctor sees Elder Larsen’s pretty face and clear eyes, he can’t help picturing the boy stark naked. He knows the boy must have a beautiful, lean body, and he can imagine the boy’s heavy cock and balls, and his beautiful little asshole.

So when the doctor sees on his chart that the young missionary is waiting in his examination room, he can’t help but get a rock hard boner. He shifts his meaty cock to hide the erection from the nurses and other doctors, then hurries to the room.

The boy doesn’t know it yet, but Dr. Woodruff has a secret drawer full of big anal probes, and his favorite thing in the world is to talk handsome young men into stripping completely naked, spreading their legs and allowing him to play with their holes until they shoot a hot load of cum for him. He knows he won’t have any trouble with Elder Larsen, and the excitement has already made the head of his dick wet with precum.

The doctor opens the door, and sees the angelic young man waiting for his help and guidance.

“Hi Elder,” he says in a deep, pleasant voice. “What brings you in today?”
Published : 05/19/15


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