Elder Blaylock and I went on “splits” together. He is currently serving in one of the many California missions.

Elder Blaylock, age 18, is among the first wave of missionaries to arrive in the mission field after the Church changed its policy regarding the age one must be to serve a mission. Now all worthy men are eligible to go on missions after turning 18 years of age.

The brethren in the Mission Home are very excited about this new change.

I’ve had my eye on Elder Blaylock ever since he arrived in the area. As Ward Mission Leader, I get to interact with all the missionaries assigned to my area.

Elder Blaylock and I happened to hit it off right away; our friendly and playful first interaction had us both sporting boners under our suit coats.

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I’m not sure exactly what it was that I did that blew my cover, but the boy started flirting with me the moment we were alone together. Then, after a little fondling while we were on splits together, it became very clear that would both be looking for future opportunities to do work together.

Since then, we’ve made it a point to go on “splits” together whenever we can. For those who don’t know, splits means temporarily splitting up a companionship so each missionary can be paired with a local member to double the missionary effort.

Going on splits together gives Elder Blaylock and I plenty of time to ourselves, without any supervision.

Elder Blaylock has yet to be told about the secretive priesthood organization known as The Order. And although this is just the start of the screening process, I’ve decided to take my time. After all, he’s only 18.
Published : 11/20/12

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