President Skye is famous in the church for his attractive accent, his calm, soothing presence, and especially for his girthy endowment. Time and again, the man’s silver fox appearance has allowed him to successfully lead young men down the path of sexual education toward full membership in The Order. A master of the art of slow-burning, quiet seduction, this handsome priest can make even the most skeptical young men accept The Order’s strange and unusual rituals. But in order to implant the teachings of the priesthood deeply in the young missionaries, President Skye has also become an expert in physical control, using his bodily gifts to coach boys into being willing and devoted servants of their leaders’ desires. Whether he merely places a hand on a boy’s shoulder or strokes the boy’s gut with his hard cock, a touch from him changes a lucky boy forever.

President Skye CHAPTER 1

Elder Ence   The Law of Consecration

Elder Ence has always stood out at the mission as one of the stronger presences among the boys. Not only is his physical form [More]

President Skye CHAPTER 2

Elder Call   Second Anointing

As one of the more timid boys in the Mission, Elder Call has always had trouble spending one on one time with the priests. [More]

President Skye CHAPTER 3

Elder Hult   Confession to the Mission President

Although the church holds young men to a very high standard of personal conduct, the leaders of the church also know that [More]

President Skye CHAPTER 4

President Lewis   The Sacrament

Often times, when men have successfully ascended the ranks of The Order, they forget what it means to be sexually [More]