President Oaks is the definition of a classic family man. Happily married, dedicated to his children, good job, and a full schedule as priesthood leader. With his handsome good looks and sexy salt and pepper hair, it’s no wonder he’s popular with all the members.

He does have a secret, though. As it turns out that he’s part of a secret fraternal brotherhood known as The Order. Men who belong to this organization are known as The Brethren, and they use their power and authority to seduce and inseminate young men with the essence of their priesthood.

President Oaks CHAPTER 1

Elder Nicola   INITIATION

Elder Nicola removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. His mind was wandering as he changed into his temple  [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 2


After being pulled through the veil, Elder White is led down a short hallway to the Celestial Room [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 3


Elder White still had cum and dried sweat all over his body. Now that President Oaks had probed his hole [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 4

Elder White   INITIATION

As President Oaks licks Elder White’s erect cock, the boy can’t take his eyes off the man [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 5


Elder White is dizzy from the thorough pounding he just received from Bishop Angus [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 6

Elder White   ATONEMENT

Elder White can’t believe that he has failed to make his way down the Priesthood Stretcher [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 7

Elder White   THE COVENANT

Elder White's  journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been deeply satisfying. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 8


Of all the rooms in the missionary temple, the Seed Chamber is perhaps the most important [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 9

Elder Sorensen   The New Name

Whenever Elder Sorensen is entangled with one of the priests, he is sure to bring out their most lascivious nature. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 10

Elder Dudley   Washing And Anointing

Elder Dudley has long been looking forward to the Washing And Anointing ceremony, especially since he know he [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 11

Elder Dudley   Atonement

The Atonement ceremony is one of the most difficult for young missionaries on their path to the Order. Part of the reason is the fear that comes with hearing rumors about the rituals involved. Once one boy goes through it, he can’t help but let some of the details slip. And soon, the myth of the Atonement ceremony grows until it shrouds reality completely. So, when a boy like Elder Dudley steps into the dark room where the ceremony is to take place, he is filled with trepidation. Will he be able to make it to the end of the stretcher? And what waits beyond the final peg? President Oaks can sense Dudley’s fear as soon as he enters the room and quickly instructs President Nelson to begin the ritual. He starts by helping the boy undress before guiding him to the beginning of the stretcher. Then, the men command the boy to sit, expanding his sphincter on the first and smallest peg. Dudley obeys, letting the wood peg penetrate his asshole slowly as he sits. But just as soon as his body accepts the mass in his rectum, he is ordered to move on to the next one. This process continues until he finds himself face to face with the final and largest peg. But as soon as he braves the stretcher, Dudley is faced with another challenge. Oaks unbuttons his pressed dress shirt and unsheathes his fat cock, readying it to slam Dudley’s butthole from behind. Dudley braces himself and bites his lip as the man enters him. His hole throbs and he grimaces as Oaks pushes into his anus, but he accepts the pummeling as part of his Atonement. Soon, the pain gives way to pleasure as the hard pounding sends waves of pleasure Dudley’s mind and body. Perhaps Atonement is sweeter than he presumed. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 12

Elder Sorensen   Bonds of Brotherhood

Elder Sorensen has always been one of the most prized missionary boys amongst the men of the Order. His beautiful baby face is a delight to [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 13

Elder Holland   Caught Masturbating

Elder Oaks puts on an honorable face for the people around him. He wears such a heavy burden – being the revered President Oaks’s son [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 14

Elder Dudley   The Covenant

When boys set their eyes on President Nelson, tremors run through their bodies. Even if they have never experienced the man’s giant cock, [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 15


Elder Ence, the missionary with bad boy streak has been having a lot of fun fucking every fresh, young, missionary [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 16


The mischievous Elder Ence is beginning to realize that being obedient can have it’s upsides [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 17

Elder Oaks   FATHER & SON

Elder Oaks knows he’s in trouble. He’s spent the past few weeks with his mouth firmly attached to his mission companion [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 18


The demanding and sexually insatiable men of The Order have kept Elder Ence very busy [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 19

Elder Holland   The Calling

When the missionaries fool around with each other, often times they think they can do so imperviously. As long as they keep the secret, there [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 20


After showing himself to be a very talented sexual initiate, Elder Ence has taken one of the most important steps [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 21

Elder Holland   The Endowment

Once again, Elder Holland finds himself face-to-face with President Oaks, this time for the Endowment ceremony. During the Endowment, he must be [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 22

Elder Oaks   THE CALLING

Elder Oaks has felt pleasurable tingles in his ass ever since his hunky companion, Elder Holland, fucked him raw [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 23


Up until a few weeks ago, Elder Holland was pretty sure he only liked girls. But, the handsome blond couldn't deny [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 24

Elder Holland   INITIATION

Elder Holland has just watched the dashing President Oaks swallow a thick load of his cum. The boy can barely believe [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 25

Elder Dobrovnik   THE CALLING

Elder Dobrovnik has always been obedient. As a child, his stern, Russian parents didn’t even bother hiding forbidden [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 26


Elder Ence's tight hole drips cum onto the white sheets he and President Nelson lay tangled on. Nelson’s sweaty, [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 27


Elder Ence tightens his ass around President Oaks' probing finger. He pulls his knees against his chest so that  [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 28

Elder Dobrovnik   INITIATION

The cum is still dripping from Elder Dobrovnik’s hole when President Ballard orders him to to his feet. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 29

Elder Dobrovnik   SECOND ANOINTING

Elder Dobrovnik was familiar with a certain kind of structure in his life. Starting from his orderly, Russian childhood [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 30


Elder Esplin could still taste Elder Dobrovnik on his lips as he sat quietly in the ward mission leader's home [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 31

Elder Dobrovnik   ATONEMENT

Elder Dobrovnik lathered up his muscular, long body as he showered off the remaining oils from his skin [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 32


Elder Oaks was always a bit timid around the other boys. All through his life he’d kept his head low and  [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 33

Elder Esplin   ATONEMENT

Elder Esplin simply could not reconcile all his frustrations with the Church. Everything he’s been raised to [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 34

Elder Esplin   INITIATION

Walking into the white room, Elder Esplin seemed almost listless with regard to his part in the ceremony before him. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 35

Elder Farnsworth   THE CALLING

Elder Farnsworth wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. Every time he met with the Brethren, the subject of porn came up [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 36

Elder Esplin   THE ENDOWMENT

Elder Esplin walked into the temple chamber wearing the ceremonial temple robes that had been requested of him. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 37


Elder Farnsworth approached his appointment with President Oaks with a fair degree of trepidation. Having been caught [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 38

Elder Ivy  

Today, as Ivy waits for President Oaks to speak while sitting in his office, he worries that his path has come to an end. It is because he [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 39

Elder Farnsworth   THE COVENANT

Elder Farnsworth finished putting on his temple robe and eyed the tiny corridor. It couldn’t have been more than a couple [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 40

Elder Esplin & Elder Farnsworth   CORONATION

While many boys have been chosen and inducted into the Order, few are given the chance to hold a significant position. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 41

Elder Ivy   Atonement

Since their first private encounter, Elder Ivy has not been able to take his mind off the beautiful silver-haired President Oak. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 42

Elder Ivy  

One of Elder Ivy’s favorite priests is President Oaks, who has taken the time to show him the true path towards sexual obedience and service [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 43

Elder Nicola   THE COVENANT

Elder Nicola stared at the tiny door ahead of him. He waited patiently on his hands and knees in the tiny corridor. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 44

Elder Kimball   ATONEMENT

Elder Kimball made his way into the temple basement, led by the strong but silent Brother Hales. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 45

Elder Nicola   ORDINATION

Elder Nicola arrived on his mission with a lot of anxiety. He wanted so much to be a good missionary and impress his leaders. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 46

Elder Kimball   THE COVENANT

Elder Kimball had a rough time walking for days. Brother Hales’ massive endowment proved to be more of a challenge [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 47


Elder Xanders was still catching his breath after he got back to his apartment. With each breath as he lay in bed [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 48

Brother Hales   THE COVENANT

Brother Hales is still relatively new to the Order. After his mission, he attended BYU to become an institute teacher [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 49


President Oaks met with Elder Holland regularly during his mission. He spoke with Elder Holland at length [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 50

Elder Garrett   THE CALLING

Things between Elder Garrett and his companion definitely changed after the two of them had sex. For one, Elder Xanders [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 51

Elder Xanders   THE COVENANT

Elder Xanders could still taste the cum in his mouth. It had a strong, potent flavor that lingered on his tongue [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 52

Elder Garrett   SETTING APART

Elder Garrett wasn’t quite sure how to proceed with his mission. He was terribly conflicted between what he thought [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 53

Elder Garrett   ATONEMENT

Elder Garrett made his way into a dark room in the temple, moving cautiously as his eyes adjusted to the dark. [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 54

Elder Garrett   ORDINATION

It was just before dawn when Elder Garrett woke up. His mind had never fully quieted in the night and the start of the new [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 55

Elder Gardner Jr.   THE CALLING

Elder Gardner has been spending more and more time on splits at the temple, something his dark haired cousin has noticed [More]

President Oaks CHAPTER 56

Elder Brier   The Calling

Some may consider Elder Brier a rebel without a cause - but President Oaks sees right through his facade. There is something [More]