President Lewis has a stillness to his gaze that be downright disarming, if not completely seductive. His soft spoken manner, too, is known to charm even the most stubborn missionary into compliance and obedience. He knows he has this power and delights in bringing wayward boys to heel.

As a member of the Brethren, he's called in to bring out the inner submissive in the most repressed and conflicted boys. His technique is slow, methodical, and proven effective time and time again. Within ten minutes of being in alone in his office, missionaries are on the edge of their seats, begging to hear him say, "good boy."

President Lewis CHAPTER 1

Elder Hult   Confession to the Mission President

No matter how many times Elder Hult attempts to repent for his sins, he cannot seem to shake the dark cloud following him [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 2

Elder Jones   Interview

Elder Jones fidgeted in his seat, trying to get secure and comfortable. His palms were sweaty and he felt heat rising around his [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 3

Elder Jones   The Calling

“Do you know why you’re here?” President Lewis’ words cut through the heavy silence like a knife. His soft voice seemed [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 4

Elder Clarke   The Interview

Elder Clarke took off his tie with some confusion, but mostly curiosity. He had no idea how getting undressed would be helpful, [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 5

Presiden Lewis   Setting Apart

Over their years of service, Bishop Doves and President Lewis have become close friends and have leaned upon one another [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 6

Elder Clarke   The Calling

Elder Jones and Elder Clarke have been learning about The Order under the watchful eye of President Lewis. While he is [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 7

Elder Call   The Interview

Although President Lewis is Elder Call’s stepfather, he has made a promise to remain unbiased towards the young man as [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 8

President Lewis   The Living Sacrifice pt 1

Bishop Doves is one of the most stalwart and most desirable members of The Order. To honor his work in guiding young men [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 9

Elder Hult   The Calling

President Lewis is experienced in introducing young men to the more unexpected and intimate parts of their mission.He knows [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 10

Elder Hansen   Second Anointing

Doubt is an integral part of any young man’s journey towards salvation, and Elder Hansen has experienced plenty of it. Since [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 11

Elder Clarke & Elder Jones   Disciplinary Action

Misbehavior in the mission is not taken lightly by the priesthood leaders. When it is discovered that Elder Clarke and Elder [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 12

President Lewis   The Sacrament

Often times, when men have successfully ascended the ranks of The Order, they forget what it means to be sexually [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 13

Elder Rim   The Calling

There is no greater honor for a young missionary than to be distinctly selected by The Order to present himself to the [More]

President Lewis CHAPTER 14

Elder Call   Paternal Care

It is not common for one of the men of the Order to approach a boy outside the confines of a private space. Usually, all [More]