Brother Strang may have a gruff exterior, but he's known for being quite the charmer. He's blessed with a quiet charisma that lures everyone to him. And while his smile is enough to light up any congregation, it's his eyes that reveal he's more than just a handsome man in a nice suit.

As a ranking member of the Order, he's shown he has the discipline of a saint but a devilish appetite. Nothing gets him more excited than the chance to seduce an otherwise wholesome missionary into some carnal pursuits. Standing tall above the boys of his ward, he loves showing them that the only thing bigger than his beard is his cock.

Brother Strang CHAPTER 1

Elder Xanders   INITIATION

Elder Xanders couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t being sent home. Despite his actions with Elder Sorenson, it seemed [More]

Brother Strang CHAPTER 2

Brother Calhoun   TEMPLE VIOLATION

Brother Calhoun loves being the Ward Mission Leader. It gives him incredible pride and joy to be able to enrich the [More]

Brother Strang CHAPTER 3


Following his meeting with Bishop Angus, Elder Xanders was beginning to get a clearer sense of his purpose now. The [More]

Brother Strang CHAPTER 4

Elder Garrett & Brother Calhoun   BROTHER'S OATH

Elder Garrett had been spending a lot of time with Brother Calhoun, the ward mission leader. His companion gets [More]

Brother Strang CHAPTER 5

Elder Garrett & Elder Xanders   FORGING BONDS

Elders Garrett and Xanders walked through the temple together, neither saying a word. The Brethren had summoned [More]

Brother Strang CHAPTER 6


Brother Strang has enjoyed partnering up with Brother Eyring, but it was never fully above board. Brother Eyring loved [More]