Behind Bishop Manwaring’s handsome face and his infamous stony stare, there resides a mind that is constantly working. He is a man of few words. The sparse speech he employs may not reveal how calculated a thinker he is, but Bishop Manwaring’s silence communicates volumes. With just a look or a short phrase from the beautiful man, he is able to overcome any resistance in the confused missionary boys in his charge, making him a very valuable member of The Order. And his communication skills do not end there. When this curly haired, muscular priesthood leader becomes physical with a boy, it is only a matter of time before the boy’s world changes forever. When he gives them attention, the young men can’t help falling in love with him. And once his thick cock enters a boy’s hole, there is no limit to his power over them.

Bishop Manwaring CHAPTER 1

Elder Call   The Calling

During his Interview, Elder Call was exposed to the sexual expectations of his Mission. He was surprised at first, but he quickly [More]

Bishop Manwaring CHAPTER 2

Elder Ence   The Sealing

Choosing an Eternal Mate is a serious step in any young man’s Mission. Elder Ence realizes the gravity of the moment when [More]

Bishop Manwaring CHAPTER 3

Elder Ence   The Law of Consecration

Elder Ence has always stood out at the mission as one of the stronger presences among the boys. Not only is his physical form [More]

Bishop Manwaring CHAPTER 4

President Lewis   The Sacrament

Often times, when men have successfully ascended the ranks of The Order, they forget what it means to be sexually [More]