The Brotherhood of the Sun is famously represented by the temple sunstones and known for inducting skeptics into the order, and Bishop Angus happens to be one of their sexiest, most valued members.

Over and over, he successfully inducts young missionaries into the order and turns them into devout members. For many, it's the first time they've been fucked but it certainly isn't a foreign idea to them. Due to his burly stature and thick cock, the virgin boys often surrender into blissful submission and relish every single thrust the older Bishop anoints unto them.

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 1

Elder Martinez   INSPECTION

Several weeks ago when Elder Martinez met with Patriarch Smith [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 2

Elder Nelson   INSPECTION

Before Elder Nelson could go on his Mission he had to repent of [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 3

Elder Nelson   ORDINATION

Bishop Angus was all too excited to ordain the young Missionary Elder Nelson [More]

President Ballard is a man who can’t help but command authority. His deep, gruff voice and stern appearance immediately turn every young man into a submissive little boy. And while he is not an angry man, he does enjoy the effect he has on the missionaries he looks over.

As a high priest, he knows that his power can come in especially useful when bringing new members into The Order. His direct and firm approach often breaks in the most stubborn of boys. And what his words can’t accomplish, his thick-as-a-can fat cock finishes the job.

President Ballard CHAPTER 1


Elder Dobrovnik is thrilled that he is being given the chance to join The Order. The young missionary boy [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 2


All the blood rushes to Elder Dobrovnik's head and cock. The strapping, Russian teen has been commanded to lie [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 3

Elder Dobrovnik   ATONEMENT

Elder Dobrovnik lathered up his muscular, long body as he showered off the remaining oils from his skin [More]

For Brother Calhoun, his time as an elder was the best years of his life. He made amazing friends and felt completely at home among the other missionaries.

Now that his mission is over, he's enjoying his new role as ward mission leader. It gives him incredible pride and joy to be able to enrich the experiences of the missionaries he looks after.

He trusts that his current calling will be just as fun that he'll make some new friends. Little does he know the men of the Order have a lot more in store for him.

Brother Calhoun CHAPTER 1

Brother Calhoun   TEMPLE VIOLATION

Brother Calhoun loves being the Ward Mission Leader. It gives him incredible pride and joy to be able to enrich the [More]

Brother Calhoun CHAPTER 2

Elder Xanders & Brother Calhoun   THE WARD MISSION LEADER

Brother Calhoun couldn’t stop thinking about what happened on the stairs. In the nights that followed, he even dreamt [More]

Brother Calhoun CHAPTER 3

Elder Garrett & Brother Calhoun   BROTHER'S OATH

Elder Garrett had been spending a lot of time with Brother Calhoun, the ward mission leader. His companion gets [More]

By virtue of his calling, President Cannon has been given the privilege of serving young elders placed in his care and said he felt spiritual promptings, among other things, while presiding. His favorite churchly duty is to preside over these sexy rituals and bear witness to these boys' amazing transformation as they're converted into faithful servants of the missionary church.

"It is an honor to watch new Elders grow," he told me. Judging by his bulge, they weren't the only one's growing.

President Cannon CHAPTER 1

Elder Nelson   ORDINATION

Bishop Angus was all too excited to ordain the young Missionary Elder Nelson [More]

Young Brother Clark was a missionary himself just a few years ago, and he used to daydream about fucking the other missionaries, though he never got the chance. So when his bishop called him as ward mission leader, he jumped at the opportunity to be close to the sexy young missionary men serving in his ward.

His journey into The Order had not yet provided him the opportunity to recruit others when he caught two naughty missionary boys sucking and fucking each other. The ideal candidates for the higher priesthood are the handsome young missionary men who are confused by secret feelings of same sex attraction they don't understand.

Brother Clark CHAPTER 1

Elder Stewart, Angel, Brother Clark   The Landlord

Leafing through the pages of the sacred text, Brother Clark pauses to take a look at his gold watch. He is deep in [More]

The seriousness of Brother Daniels, coupled with his deep resonating voice, makes him an intimidating man to those that don't know him. But for the elders anointed by him, they have learned he is actually very gentle and sensual, and his strong hands are as firm and commanding as any priesthood leader should be. His apparent confidence and respect for the elders trusted to his care make him an ideal member of The Order.

As a member of The Order, he savors every moment he gets with the young missionaries he inducts. Their tight, young bodies and eagerness to please make any leader proud.

Brother Daniels CHAPTER 1

Elder Lindsay   INITIATION

Elder Lindsay thinks he must have passed his inspection, since [More]

Brother Daniels CHAPTER 2

Elder Ricci   INITIATION

Only a select few missionaries make it to the secret initiatory ordinances [More]

Brother Daniels CHAPTER 3


As Brother Daniels and Brother Johnson bring in the priesthood stretcher, Elder Ricci [More]

Sometimes men have the reputation for being difficult or bossy. They can't help it. The truth is that they just know that deep down they're powerful and deserve respect.

Bishop Eldridge understands this. He's spent his entire life waiting for the opportunity to be in authority, and the Order has given him plenty. As Bishop, he knows that no one sees him as more powerful than the young elders he encounters. They, too, understand what he needs and deserves.

And for Bishop Eldridge, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing one on their knees, obedient and willing to serve.

Bishop Eldridge CHAPTER 1

Elder Nicola   INITIATION

Elder Nicola removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. His mind was wandering as he changed into his temple  [More]

Bishop Eldridge CHAPTER 2

Elder Nicola   THE CALLING

It had been a while since he had been filmed by Elder Holland, and Elder Nicola was getting a little nervous about what [More]

Bishop Eldridge CHAPTER 3

Elder Nicola   THE COVENANT

Elder Nicola stared at the tiny door ahead of him. He waited patiently on his hands and knees in the tiny corridor. [More]