The first few weeks of Elder Lindsay’s missionary mission have been a fast-paced blur. It was practically yesterday that his family and friends gathered at his home as he opened his call and discovered where he would serve.

His time in the Missionary Training Center flew by, and before he knew it he was getting off the plane in his new home for the next two years. He was excited to join the other young missionary men on a mission.

At the Mission Home, he and all of the new missionaries were greeted by the Mission President and the more experienced missionaries who would train them. He hoped that he would be paired with one handsome stranger in particular, and when the Mission President called his name — Elder Ricci — and said that he would be Elder Lindsay’s trainer, the young missionary couldn’t hide his being pleased.

He gave his new companion a big hug, and then the two hopped on public transport and headed to the apartment where they would live together.

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That first night, Elder Lindsay could hardly sleep. He and his new companion had spent the day going door to door, and while it was
exhausting work, Lindsay was very happy to enjoy Ricci’s company.

When they got home that first night, he watched his companion strip down to his form-fitting missionary garments, and it took all of Lindsay’s willpower not to get an erection then and there. Ricci had turned off the light and crawled into bed, but Elder Lindsay could not sleep. He couldn’t get the sight of his companion nearly naked out of his head.

It was torture to have this hot missionary boy in bed next to him and not be able to touch him. He didn’t even dare to masturbate with the other missionary so near.

At 6:30 am, Elder Lindsay is the first rise. Wanting to impress Elder Ricci, he showers then puts on his missionary attire in time for his personal study.

As soon as Elder Ricci hops in the shower, Elder Lindsay picks up the garments his companion had been wearing the day before, and buries his face in them. Is he imagining things, or is there actually precum on the garments?

As he sniffs them, the boy reaches down and gropes his huge, hard cock through his slacks. He doesn’t want to get caught, but as horny as he is, he thinks he has time to jerk out one big load of cum before his companion finishes his shower.
Published : 05/13/15


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