President Ballard could hardly control himself as he anointed Elder Edwards. As was the custom, the handsome young manentered the temple in nothing but his modesty shield to be cleansed and blessed before his initiation to the Order.

As his hands moved over his smooth, pink skin, his fingertips found it nearly impossible to not linger. The boy stood tall with a broad back and chest. His nipples peaked on each pec perfectly, as if they’d been carefully placed. The small of his back arched deep, emphasizing the size of his buttocks.

With each line and phrase of the ceremony, Ballard felt himself becoming more and more aroused. Elder Edwards didn’t flinch or move. He took each of the man’s invasive caresses openly, giving himself to the older man without any hesitation or doubt. It was an intoxicating notion that he had complete control over such an adonis.

Ballard stood behind the boy, moving the front
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drape of his shield to the side, opening up his torso to be anointed and blessed. As he did this, he pushed himself a little closer than necessary to feel the warmth of the boy’s body against him. His throbbing erection practically broke through his zipper as he felt it graze against the boy’s backside. As he looked down, he could see the swelling of the boy’s genitals–he liked it, too.

Kneeling down, President Ballard brought himself at the level of the boy’s penis. It was just as thick and pink as the rest of him. A gentle spread of pubic hair grew up from his stomach, otherwise everything about him was smooth and clean. It hung out at an angle, resting comfortably on his full, egg-sized testicles.

Ballard felt himself losing his composure, forgetting the words of his ritual, focused solely on the beauty and perfection of the young man that stood so willingly before him. Holding the boy’s cock in his hand, he couldn’t resist bringing it up to his face.

He ran it under his nose, smelling it like one does a high quality cigar. He ran it over his lips, feeling his mouth salivate and warm with just its proximity. He kissed is softly, running it’s growing length from base to tip. As he felt the head on his mouth, he opened up and too it inside.

Elder Edwards let out a soft breath, inaudible, but more startled than simply exhaling. He knew that President Ballard was aroused (it was hard to miss the feeling of his cock behind him) but didn’t know what to make of their session. In his mind, it was hard to escape the memory of the intense fuck he’d had prior.

His hole was still sore from being stretched out further than he ever imagined. Taking the older man’s raw cock filled him with more than just man meat. He felt a real sense of being owned, dominated, and valued. He was worshipped for his body, but he was also clearly being trained to obey. He was used to doing what his superiors told him, but suddenly, he felt an attraction to it that he’d never known. He didn’t just follow orders just to follow: he did so, in part, to be turned on.

As President Ballard took more of his dick into his mouth, he could feel the boy’s member swell up inside. It was nearly at full mast when he stood up to remove the boy’s shield. He wanted to see him in all his glory. Without the white veil, Elder Edwards looked like a perfect object, like a Ken Doll or a GI Joe. And he was all Ballard’s.

The older man sat the boy down on a stool. With the boy now at the eye-level of his aching cock, Ballard began to undress, removing his shirt and tie. He peeled off his garment shirt and began to unbuckle his belt.

Ballard watched as Elder Edwards began to stroke his cock, staring intently at the bulge in his pants. He could see the boy’s cheeks flush and lips redden with desire. It was hard for Ballard to hide his arousal, but it was just as hard for a porcelain-skinned boy like Edwards to hide his. He practically took on a whole new hue when he was hungry for daddy dick.

Ballard slowly and teasingly took off his belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled out his massive cock. It was as thick around as a beer can, curved up like the belly of whale, and covered in pulsing veins that made it look like it was powered by hydraulics.

Elder Edwards moved his head forward, eager to feel it stretch open his mouth. As he did, President Ballard placed a hand on the back of his neck, grazing it gently as he moved up to play with the boy’s short cropped hair.

Ballard let out a satisfied moan as he felt the warm, wet lips of his young stud spread apart to take him inside. He held the boy’s head down, relenting only to allow slight bobbing motions up and down on his cock. He knew he didn’t have to hold the boy in place, but it made him all the more excited to feel that power. Between his big hands he held this beautiful, capable, amazing servant, guiding him to better please him.

As the boy sucked harder and harder, Ballard felt himself losing control once again. He loved seeing himself slide inside the jock’s bubble butt, enjoying that its size and shape seem to compliment his own endowment. He enjoyed being sucked, but he knew it was just a matter of time before he had to pry apart the boy’s anus with his cock…
Published : 06/01/18

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