Elder White still had cum and dried sweat all over his body. Now that President Oaks had probed his hole with the sacred stone, he would be washed clean.

President Oaks had given Elder White a few seconds to recover from his intense orgasm, his fingers still up the boy’s ass. The sight of the missionary bent double, panting and bathed in semen turned the president on.

Oaks can hardly wait to slip his cock in the elder’s hole. But everything in the temple must be done in the proper time and at the proper place.

President Oaks slowly pulls his finger out of the boy’s warm hole and tells him to wipe himself off.

Then he orders the boy to head over to the temple locker room and put on the shield, which is a ceremonial robe that is open on both sides, leaving missionary boys exposed to the older men’s eyes and hands.

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Elder White’s legs are still weak from his orgasm, but he stumbles into the changing room and does as told. He’d do anything President Oaks asks.

Getting penetrated by the stone tool was a different sensation for the boy, but what made the experience especially hot was this priesthood leader.

Oak’s sexual charisma was electrifying. From the moment he saw the man’s face, he wanted to feel Oaks inside him.

Elder White slips on the shield, wondering what will be next for him. He walks down the hall to an initiatory room, where he’s excited to see that President Oaks is waiting for him, dressed in white temple clothing.

At sight of the man, his dick once again starts to get hard.

President Oaks stands behind the boy and slowly performs his washing and anointing. His touch is gentle and sensuous.

Elder White closes his eyes as the man rubs the oil on his forehead, his neck, and then lifts the shield to anoint his chest, his belly — a shiver runs through the boy, and he whimpers — and then his loins, where he takes the liberty of groping the boy’s cock.

Now that Elder White has been anointed and his dick is hard, Oaks sits him down and takes the boy’s cock in his mouth.

The handsome man on his knees drives Elder White wild. His whole body trembles with pleasure as Oaks deepthroats him.

Though the boy is aching to cum, President Oaks flips him over and uses the oil to lube White’s beautiful ass.

As the boy begs for his cock, Oaks pulls it out and rubs it against his hole. He is preparing the boy for his true temple initiation, an ordinance the boy will never forget.
Published : 01/13/16


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