Elder White’s cute face, winning smile and evident goodness have endeared him to the other missionaries and to the mission leaders alike, and everyone is sure he’ll be an important church leader one day – maybe even a General Authority.

He has been a full-time missionary for many months, and he is rising quickly through the ranks, earning the trust and love of his companions, and the respect of the mission leadership.

But just when he thinks he has figured out missionary missionary life, another Elder tells him that the church is secretly run by a group of men known as The Order.

Elder White doesn’t believe him, but as the days pass he becomes more and more curious. The way the missionary had looked at him was really unsettling, as if there were even darker secrets that he wasn’t revealing.

So Elder White confronts the boy and asks him to tell him everything about The Order.

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But the other missionary is unwilling. “The only way to find out,” he says, “is to go through the initiation yourself.”

This is not a casual comment. The Order has been interested in handsome Elder White since he arrived, and they extend an invitation for the boy to come to the mission home and begin the process.

He doesn’t know what intimate, and degrading steps may lie ahead of him, but he accepts the invitation immediately.

The brethren predicate his invitation on one condition. Complete and total subordination. If he is unwilling to obediently follow every command, he can not and indeed should not accept the invitation.

On the appointed day, he dresses extra carefully, getting his hair just right and shining his shoes until he can see himself in them.

At the mission home, he waits inside a small office. It’s there that he meets a priesthood leader he has never seen before, President Nelson.

As a representative of The Order, it’s President Nelson’s responsibility to conduct a thorough inspection of every missionary boy who comes through his door. It’s an extensive and invasive process.

President Nelson has seen pictures of Elder White, and he can’t wait to induct the new candidate.

President Nelson has never been disobeyed. He accepts nothing less than perfection from the missionaries; he knows these boys need – and like – discipline.

Most missionaries fall for him at first sight. Their young, hormone-drenched bodies turned on by his imposing physical presence and his commanding tone. The boys are also attracted to his handsome face, long before they see his muscular body and fat cock. Elder White is no exception.

The President wastes no time getting Elder White naked, and inspects the boy’s lithe body, perfect nipples and hard cock. And Elder White is wonderfully submissive.

Pleased with what he is seeing, the President frees his horsecock from his pants, and enjoys the look of surprise in White’s eyes. He has clearly never seen such a big cock, let alone had it rammed down his throat. But that’s exactly what is going to happen.

The missionary follows orders and sucks on the President’s large cock through his underwear before greedily swallowing it whole. When it goes down the boy’s tight throat, it brings tears to his eyes. He gags every time the man thrusts his tool down, well, it feels like into his belly.

The man orders White to lie down on his back, and fucks his wanting mouth upside down. The boy stares steadfastly into his eyes while he punishes his throat. He can hardly breathe.

When it looks like he can’t take anymore, the President bends him over the desk. He spreads his cheeks and inspects his tight ass. So far Elder White has obediently done as instructed, but he wonders if the boy will be able to take this huge cock in his virgin hole.
Published : 12/15/15

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