Elder White had never seen a penis as big as President Nelson’s before his mission — let alone touched one, sucked one, or taken one up his ass.

After the muscular man shot a load of cum on his hole and then fucked it into him, the missionary’s whole body tingles. He sprawls on the President’s desk, then feels the man’s huge body crush him as he leans down to kiss him.

As soon as Elder White’s legs work again, the President tells him to stand up and get dressed, then leads him to a small stall. There he changes into a temple robe, tied on both sides—though hardly concealing anything at all.

Elder White is a little embarrassed to come out of the stall, exposed as he is, but he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror and thinks the robe makes him look like a Greek statue.

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And he’s very eager to learn more about The Order, and to prove to the brethren that he’s a good candidate.

At a tall white curtain, the temple Veil, he’s made to wait by himself, not knowing what’s next. He hears a voice instructing him kneel before the veil.

One after another, two hard dicks poke through the slits in the Veil.

Feeling intense lust, he puts a hand on one cock and his mouth on the other. He licks and sucks that hard dick until he can taste the precum leaking from it, then he switches.

He can’t see the owners of these cocks, but he can tell from their grunts and moans that they are enjoying his attention to their big tools.

The boy decides to slurp the cum out of the cock on the right, but to keep the one on the left hard so that he can slide it into his hole and ride it in this secret missionary sexual temple ritual.
Published : 12/30/15


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