The New Name

Whenever Elder Sorensen is entangled with one of the priests, he is sure to bring out their most lascivious nature.The boy has quickly become an expert of seduction as he has made his way through his mission. With his chiseled jaw, his sleek, slim look, and his athletic body, there is no wonder that he has every man in the vicinity wrapped around his finger. But it is when Sorensen launches into sexual interaction that his true charm shows itself. The boy’s appetite for cock is near insatiable, and he finds himself craving it more and more as the days go by. His asshole accepts all applicants, but he works overtime for the priests he truly cares for.

President Oaks is one of these select men. His eyes and lips have won Sorensen over from the start, and now that the man they belong to has set them on his body, the boy is determined to deliver a sexual experience like no other.
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He spreads his ass cheeks for Oaks to penetrate his smooth hole, moaning over the man’s girth as his sphincter expands. He urges the man to plunge deeper and fuck him harder, waiting for his meat injection on all fours. Oaks stuffs him full of veiny erection and pumps until the boy is a writhing orgasmic mess.

Finally, Oaks is brought to the brink as Sorensen rides his fat prick. He has never had a boy take such full control of his body before, and he begins to wonder if the young man’s sexual prowess is somehow supernatural. But just as his mind begins to question, the boys summons a huge spell of semen from the tip of the man’s cock into his pulsing butthole. Whatever the secret is to Sorensen’s magnetic charm, it seems Oaks will have to wait to find out.

Published : 03/27/16


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