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From the moment Elder Sorensen decided to start his mission, he has received all kinds of attention from his fellowmissionaries and priests alike. It seems like the entire time has been a whirlwind of excitement. He has been subject to the male gaze more than he has ever been, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. But all this attention comes at a cost. By the end of the day, he is exhausted and in need of some alone time. Something has to give, and if Sorensen is going to keep his wits sharp and his body limber, he is going to have to practice a healthy amount of self-care and love.

So, after he finishes undressing and folding his clothes in the traditional missionary style, he lays out on his bed and lets his mind wander. Soon, his inner eye fills with images of vivid sexuality. Huge cocks wielded by strong older men. Throbbing erections brandished by his fellow missionaries. Sorensen on his knees, servicing them all with the eager hunger for hard dick that lives deep within him.
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His fantasies soon overtake him, bleeding over into the physical realm as his fingers search his own body.

He opens his own butthole, sticking his fingers deep inside and getting his cock hard and ready to stroke. Then, he masturbates, filling his body with pleasure as he jerks. The long day begins to flood back to him as he feels the head of his prick in the palm of his hand, and the closer he gets to orgasm, the more he wants to relive the warm embrace of his peers and authority figures alike. There is so much he wants to accomplish while on his mission, and the only way to do it is to give himself to the service of the stern priests around him. As he cums, he feels himself looking forward to the future more than ever.

Published : 09/30/15

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