Companionship Study

He may be shy, but once Elder Stewart gets into a room alone with athletic Elder Sorensen, all his inhibitions disappear.He ignores the voices in his head that tell him to keep his hands to himself and his eyes straight ahead, allowing himself to enjoy the intense pleasure resonating from Sorensen’s veiny prick. In the meantime, Sorensen looks down and watches Stewart work his cute butt on his girthy shaft and can hardly believe how seductive the boy can be. Behind those nerdy glasses is a horny kid who wants hard cock deep inside his young hole.

As Stewart lays on his back and Sorensen plunges his cock into his bubble butt, his abs flex as he strokes his boner. The longer Sorensen looks, the more he finds himself falling for the shy, quiet boy he once overlooked in the halls of the mission. Maybe he was wrong all along. Certainly, Stewart is more virile than Sorensen ever gave him credit for. But does this mean that the boy will prove to be competition further down the road?
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Sorensen is so used to getting attention from the priesthood that the thought of someone else stealing the spotlight is a bit intimidating. However, that is a thought for later. He is enjoying topping the ripped little body of hot Elder Stewart too much to worry about it.

As they near an explosion of passion, Stewart looks up in Sorensen’s eyes and can tell he is being recognized for what he is for the first time. He has kept his inner animal bottled up for so long that it is infinitely refreshing to have one of the boys, especially one as sexy as Elder Sorensen, see it in action. It almost feels as good as when Stewart busts a gooey nut all over his own body.

Published : 10/22/15


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