Companionship Study part II

Elder Sorensen and Elder Stewart have never really been on the same page, but as they lay in bed together adornedin traditional white undergarments, they seem closer than they have ever been. In fact, the usually competitive Sorensen breaks character and compliments Stewart on the specific garments he is wearing. Sorensen has never seen any like them before and is surprised that there are other variations available to the missionary boys. But he doesn’t know the half of it until Stewart turns around and opens the back flap.

Sorensen is surprised that Stewart, usually quiet and contained, is waving his bare ass in front of him so liberally. He had no idea the boy had that kind of desire within him. But as he digs his fingers into the boy’s plump butt, he feels his own loins stir. Perhaps he can sample the nerdy boy’s sweet hole and see how sexual Stewart can really be. Is it all talk? Or does he really have the sexual appetite he seems to be advertising? The only way to find out is for Sorensen to whip out his meaty prick and stick it deep inside the kid’s bubble butt.
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But before he penetrates the boy’s rectum, Sorensen licks his rim, getting it wet and ready for insertion. Then, he licks and sucks the kid’s boner, making his blood boil with lustful energy. By the time Sorensen is ready to plunge into the kid’s butt for the second time, Stewart is basically begging for it. He cannot wait for Sorensen to thrust hard in his hungry butt, putting his famous stroke to work. If he wants to show Sorensen that he is more than game to fool around and shed his reputation as a shy guy, this raw buttfucking has certainly on the right path.

Published : 10/15/15


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