Elder Sorensen is a perfect specimen, which of course has made him one of the preferred missionaries of the men of The Order. From the beginning of his journey towards the high priesthood, he has been on their radar, with every priest anticipating their chance to ravish the boy’s young flesh. Today, Bishop Angus has the chance as he walks the boy through the Initiation ceremony. Convening in the temple, it does not take long for them to be overtaken by their sexual appetites. Angus approaches the young man’s body, kissing him passionately and rubbing him in order to stir his lascivious internal desires.

With incredible electricity and sexual tension running through his young, fit body, Sorensen watches as Bishop Angus licks and suck his toes, cherishing him as no man has ever done before.
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His breath becomes short and his lips curl as the man works his way up his muscular legs, getting ready to please the boy’s erect penis. But just as he thinks Angus is going to call forth his cock, he has him flip over and lay naked on his stomach instead.

With Sorensen flat on the altar, Angus spreads his bubbly cheeks and sticks his tongue deep inside the boy’s smooth hole. Sorensen gasps as the warmth and wetness from Angus’s mouth seep into his rectum. Then, finally, Angus wraps his lips around Sorensen’s waiting cock, feeling it grow hard on his tongue. Sorensen starts to hunger for a dick in his ass, and soon Angus fulfills his desires. He puts the boy’s feet on his shoulders and enters his butt, thrusting hard in total domination. Sorensen’s face flushes as Angus nears climax, pumping harder and harder until he wails in orgasmic ecstasy, pulling his cock out of the boy’s asshole and covering his body in a shower of steaming cum.
Published : 07/05/17


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