In the Missionary Bathroom

Though the mission calls for boys to submit to the ultimate power of the Order, it is not uncommon for the young men toexpress a sense of pride and ego about themselves as they progress towards the priesthood. In fact, the men of the Order understand that it is only natural for adolescents, full of hormones and testosterone, to feel a bit competitive, especially when they are vying for the limited attention of the priests. So, as Elder Call hears more and more about Elder Rim and his powerful topping abilities, he has experienced some pangs of jealousy. How could this fresh newcomer have made such a huge impact on the men of the Order, sending ripples of excitement throughout the entire mission? He must learn for himself.

He waits until Rim is in the bathroom cleaning himself to make his move. Guided by insecurity and bit of curiosity, Call makes his way into the enclosed space, posturing as though his intentions are simply to brush his teeth and make use of the sink.
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Rim, ignorant to the reputation that is starting to bloom around him and his mythic ass-fucking abilities, accepts Call’s reasoning for joining him in the bathroom. Rim feels no sense of competition, as they are all there to become the highest versions of themselves — they all ostensibly want nothing more than to serve the Order any way they can.

But as Rim finishes his shower and dries himself with a towel, he senses Call’s eyes on his body. Why should one of his fellow missionaries be examining him so closely? It is strictly forbidden to engage in any sexual activity outside of priest knowledge, and anything that would go on between the two of them would be an outright violation of mission rules. So, why is Call so intent on watching him in the shower? Finally, he must ask.

Call reveals that he is simply curious. He wants to find out what makes Rim so popular. He thought perhaps it was his cock that has drawn so much attention, and he wants to know who is bigger between the two of them. Call is no slouch in this area, as his dick is known to be girthy and substantial, but that does not mean he isn’t just as insecure as the next boy. Rim intuits this sensitivity and hopes to quell his fellow missionary’s worries.

They show each other their cocks in order to bare their complete selves and eliminate all pretense. But as soon as Rim sees Call’s massive member, he is overcome by the desire to overtake him. He turns the boy around and pushes him against the shower wall, shoving his own cock inside Call’s eager hole. He fills the boy up, showing him why so much fanfare has developed with his deep, passionate thrusts. Call can hardly believe the sensual delight he experiences as Rim’s rod plunges deeper and deeper into his rectum. But one thing is certain – Rim’s reputation as a masterful topper is spot-on.
Published : 03/15/19


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