The New Name

Since the start of his mission, Elder Ricci has been one of the more rigid boys in the group. He has an obedient streak in him, which hasled him to be one of the stoutest observers of the rules. He keeps his bed neat and tidy, his clothes clean and pressed, and fulfills all his duties with a smile on his face. So, when he is called in to private meetings with the men of the Order, he has nothing to hide. He simply presents himself and allows the men to lead him where they want him to follow. And with a clear conscious and heart, he does.

Today, Brother Johnson begins the New Name ceremony by impaling the young man’s asshole with his gleaming prick. He penetrates the boy’s bubble butt with force, pounding hard as the boy grunts underneath him. Feeling the strong man’s body move over him makes Ricci’s mind explode in orgasmic joy. Then, Johnson guides impressionable Ricci to sit on his veiny cock and work his hips as the man’s face contorts in insane pleasure.
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Johnson wants to leave an impression on the boy, so he holds his load as long as he can while the boy works. Ricci strokes his cock, staring into the chiseled man’s eyes and hoping that he is properly conveying how much this union means to him. It is a source of great pride and honor for the boy to serve the priests, and he wants to make sure Johnson understands that fulfilling his duties to the Order is of prime importance in his life. So, he grinds and moans, making sure Johnson enjoys every second before he squirts a wad of hot cum on the man’s muscular chest. Then, he dismounts Johnson’s hung prick and lays next to him as the man coats himself in his own steaming sperm.
Published : 08/14/16


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