As Brother Daniels and Brother Johnson bring in the priesthood stretcher, Elder Ricci runs his eyes over the bench. He doesn’t have to be told what it is for.

He looks at Patriarch Smith and gets confirmation from the twinkle in the man’s eye. They want him sit on these pegs. He looks again, trying to measure them with his eye and decide if he can get them to fit in his relatively inexperienced hole.

He is captivated by this perverted contraption. He’s intimidated but also excited to try it. But above all else, he is eager to prove himself worthy of Patriarch Smith’s trust and respect.

Patriarch Smith breaks the uncomfortable silence. “Brother Johnson, help Elder Ricci out of his clothes.”

Brother Johnson drops to his knees and takes off the boy’s shoes and socks, then slides his pants down to the floor. The man’s face is a breath away from Ricci’s big cock, and he looks at its outline in his sheer underwear.

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Then, slowly, Brother Johnson pulls Elder Ricci’s underwear down, and takes in the beautiful site of the boy’s dick, which is already beginning to get hard because of the attention.

Brother Johnson oils the first peg, then takes Ricci by the arm and leads him over.

He has seen plenty of missionary boys struggle to conquer the priesthood stretcher. He knows the boy probably won’t be able to finish — they never can, the final plug is just too fat. But he loves watching them try.

Naked and faced with this contraption, the speechless Elder Ricci hesitates. He’s embarrassed to be standing buck naked in front of his leaders, and anxious about the impossible task. But he’s not going to give up without a fight.

Slowly, he lowers himself down on the first peg. It’s firm rubber and it makes his head swim as the peg pushes into his ass.

But once he gets over the initial shock, he finds it’s not so bad. The phallic plug is pushing up against something inside his butt that feels great.

As soon as it’s all the way in, he squirms on the bench to get the most out of it. The peg is hitting his young prostate, and the boy moans loudly.

Maybe this challenge will be fun after all.
Published : 01/17/16


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