Only a select few missionaries make it to the secret initiatory ordinances performed by the brethren, and Elder Ricci feels very lucky to receive that honor.

Although he doesn’t know what the ceremony will involve, he is quite familiar with initiatory process he went through just before his mission. He is certain that this will be an even more memorable experience.

Because of his excitement, he arrives at the temple an hour early, and paces outside until the appointed time arrives. Then he is led past the temple men’s dressing room to a small private room where he is given a “shield,” a simple garment that leaves him almost completely exposed.

His round ass and big cock are quite visible through the open sides.

The handsome young man can hardly believe his luck when he steps into the initiatory chamber room and comes face to face with Brother Daniels.

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He has never seen this priesthood leader before, but he can’t help but notice that the man has a handsome face, a masculine voice that cuts right through him, and to judge by the bulge in his pants a package to die for.

Elder Ricci knows that his sex drive is irresistible – whenever or wherever the urge hits him, he is sure to succumb to temptation.

Given what he knows about the higher priesthood order, he might very well end up having sex in the temple. And the thought of having sex here, in the holiest place on earth, scares him a little.

And also turns him on.

His mind floods with images of all the inappropriate things he could do with Brother Daniels. He blushes and tries to hide his growing erection from the other man.

The missionary meticulously follows the instructions he is given by Brother Daniels. And like a good missionary boy, he tries to concentrate and not to let his mind wander.

As soon as Brother Daniels begins the ceremony, Elder Ricci has an inkling that something forbidden is about to happen.

Brother Daniels prepares Elder Ricci by washing and anointing him. His strong hands are surprisingly gentle as he washes him, softly tracing his fingers across the boy’s flawless skin.

As Brother Daniels touches him, the elder can’t resist his desire. He is slightly embarrassed to get an erection in the temple, but he can’t help it. A combination of his excitement for his initiation and the touch of the fit older man ensure that Elder Ricci is already rock hard.

Part of him hopes Brother Daniels won’t notice his boner, and part of him hopes that he does.

Brother Daniels touches several points of the elder’s body, and when he finally reaches the boy’s loins, he notices the erection and gently rubs his hand across it.

Elder Ricci is mad with desire – he desperately needs the man to jerk him off. But he also knows that Brother Daniels has to be the one to take the initiative. He’d never initiate it himself.

And so, when Brother Daniels starts to pay extra attention to his cock, it’s like a dream come true. Elder Ricci relaxes under his touch and let’s his imagination run away with him.

He imagines it won’t be long until the handsome man sinks to his knees and sucks his massive cock, which throbs as he thinks about it…
Published : 12/02/15

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