The Covenant

Usually President Oaks is one of the gentler priests when dealing with the boys. His reputation is that of a caring, soft manwho has nothing but good in his heart. This makes him the perfect selection to walk Elder Packer through The Covenant ceremony. Since he started his mission, all the men have taken special care to treat Packer with compassion and empathy because of how vulnerable he seems to be in everyday life. Something from Packer’s past has made him an emotional young man, and anyone can see it.

As President Oaks watches Packer crawl on the floor towards him, he remembers his own struggles with his emotions as a teenager. He was just discovering his attraction for men, and he was scared that he would be discovered by his friends. He thought that if anyone knew, he would be shunned and cast off. So, he kept everything a secret, trying to hide his internal emotions anyway he could. However, because of the constant suppression, Oaks started to have outbursts.
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Sometimes he’d even get physically aggressive, all because he was hiding his identity from himself and everyone else.

Because of his history, he hopes to guide Packer towards a better path. The boy is sensitive, but he doesn’t need to hide how emotional he is. In fact, vulnerability is one of the most important traits of a missionary, as a vulnerable boy is often the best servant. Somehow, these types of young men are usually able to get in tune with the priests’ moods effortlessly, meeting every need without the priest having to utter a word. Oaks hopes to show Packer that his sensitivity is actually a strength, and he hopes that Packer will come away from the ceremony with more confidence in himself.

Packer washes Oaks’s feet, and feels a hot rush of blood to his cock. Almost immediately, his dick gets hard in his underwear as he feels the older man’s presence above him. He then raises off the ground and meets President Oaks’s gaze. It is as though the whole world stops in this moment, and Packer nearly melts. The handsome priest seems to be seeing right through to his soul. Never in his life has Packer wanted to please someone as much as he does President Oaks in this very instant.

He takes the man’s cock out of his undergarments and slides it into his salivating mouth, worshipping his dick with his tongue and lips. Then, he climbs onto the altar and lays on his back for the man to enter his hole. He moans as he feels himself expand, filling up with Oaks’s swollen cock. The man plows his asshole, filling Packer’s body with pleasure he has never known. Finally, Oaks climaxes, drenching Packer’s puckering hole with cum, and Packer feels complete. Packer is ready to face the world anew. Maybe his raw sensitivity can be an asset after all.
Published : 05/31/19

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