The Sacrament

Though, in his personal life he has always done a good job of keeping his desires under wraps, since starting his mission, Elder Ormonde has given intohis passion over and over again. This time, his willingness to indulge in the flesh of another man is tested in a new context. While he would normally like to be the anonymous party in a homoerotic encounter, this time his identity is clearly exposed while his partner’s is concealed. The dynamic is something he is not accustomed to, but one that makes his chest flutter.

The anonymous member of the Order dons a black Venetian mask with a long nose, reflecting the length of the throbbing cock in his underwear. Ormonde is simultaneously frightened and turned on by the broad-shouldered masked man. The man approaches him in his dark suit, conveying a sternness and single-mindedness of purpose – total sodomy. He unsheathes a crystal rod and rams it into the boy’s tight hole, getting it ready for his girthy shaft.
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Then he slides his dick into the panting boy’s butt, stroking as he whimpers in pleasure.

Ormonde’s fingers curl and his back arches as the masked man thrusts away, feeling himself slip deeper and deeper into orgasmic ecstasy. Perhaps keeping his desires a secret should not be such a high priority in this life. Perhaps sexual enjoyment and sensual pleasure is where the truth of his identity lies. There is no need to conceal anything as his smooth hole is pierced over and over by the masked man’s hot cock. While being sexually dominated, there is no need to worry about what his friends or family may think. As long as he is under the authoritative watch of the men of the Order, guided by their steady hand, Elder Ormonde feels safe to explore every corner of his craving for dick.

Published : 01/01/19

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