The Interview

Elder Ormonde left the temple confused. He fidgeted with his shirt sleeve, trying to keep it aligned correctly with his suit jacket.  He walked through the halls headed toward the entrance where he would meet up with his companion. All the while, he felt a small drop of cum drip out from his cock.

He didn’t know how it all happened. He tried to make sense of it with each passing step…

It had started with a standard worthiness interview, something not at all uncommon to him. President Lee had asked him into his office and sat him down to talk to him about his missionary work and his companion.

Elder Ormonde has mastered the art of evasive answers, having learned over time how to hide the truth of his sexuality from others. He’d always known he was gay, even before he knew what “gay” was.  

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He liked the company of boys and men, and as a missionary it seemed he was constantly being put into those excluded groups.  President Lee pressed him on his sexuality as many other bishops and priests had, but somehow, Lee was more effective. He seemed to get answers out of Ormonde without the young man even speaking. The confused boy would find himself answering questions that he didn’t know whether to lie to or not.

Ormonde always assumed it was a game of Checkers, moving one step at a time, but he could tell this time things were different. The board was the same, but it became clear that Lee was playing Chess, and his usual one-off lies would be harder to keep two or three turns in.

Thrown off and nervous, Ormonde answered truthfully to something he never had before. He’d denied having same sex attractions again and again, but suddenly, a morsel of honesty came through.

“Have you ever kissed a boy,” President Lee asked, his blue eyes disarming the otherwise prepared and guarded missionary.

“…Yes,” he replied, surprising himself as the word fell from his lips. He felt himself get hot, sweating up his spine and in his palms. Oh, no. He messed up.

Ormonde explained that it happened when he was younger, in high school. An older boy approached him and initiated it. He didn’t know how to get out of it then, and, though he wouldn’t tell President Lee, he wanted it. He wanted to know what it felt like to kiss another man. And he knew the chances for a missionary would be nearly impossible again.

“Did you enjoy it?” President Lee asked.

“No!” Ormonde replied, loudly and strongly, hoping that the emphatic nature of his rejection would cancel out his previous admissions and set him back on his normal game board.

President Lee looked at him carefully, inspecting his reactions as if it were a secret code. Hidden in the boy’s eyes were all his next moves, and he wasn’t very good at hiding it. Ormonde looked back at the president, trying to figure out what he was thinking. Then, before the boy could regain any strength, the check came.

“Elder, I don’t think you’re being completely honest with me.”

Ormonde felt his heart racing. He’d been caught in lies before as a child, but never for anything this severe. He knew the consequences for having his sexuality revealed and he sat terrified.

President Lee pulled his chair closer to Ormonde’s. So close, in fact, that his knees interlocked with the missionary’s.

“I’m going to have to find out for myself.”

With that, President Lee put his hands on the boy’s legs. Ormonde was stunned! This wasn’t a medical or formal touch. He was clearly trying to be sexual! Ormonde’s eyes widened as his hands moved over thighs, in and out, travelling further into his crotch.

He didn’t know what to do. He was frozen in place! The shock of it paralyzed him. Not only that, he was so focused on not becoming aroused, he seemed to lose the mindfulness to even object.

“Do you like this?” President Lee asked softly, whispering in a tone that made Ormonde’s eyebrow raise. It was quiet and secret, as if Lee wasn’t asking to get him in trouble. Still, the boy looked away and didn’t answer, worried that his mouth would slip up again and say the wrong thing.

“It feels like you do,” Lee continued. “Hey.” President Lee spoke louder, his voice no louder than a regular speaking volume, but as close as he sat, it seemed to boom and resonate through Ormonde’s narrow body. “Look me in the eye… do you like this?”

Lee’s eyes met with Ormonde’s. Something in his look suggested that it was okay to be honest, a familiar, paternal look that said “I’ve got you–you’re okay.” Ormonde, however, refused to take the bait. He sat still like stone, trying to keep from making any movement or statement to damn him further. But despite all this, it was the hard, stoniness of his crotch that condemned him.

President Lee stood the boy up, making quick work of undoing his tie and shirt. Feeling the older man touch him, even incidentally to remove his clothing, made the whole thing much more difficult.

President Lee was an incredibly handsome man. His chiseled face, muscular body, well cut clothing, and steady voice would have undone him in the most reserved of circumstances. Here, in the intimacy of his office, just the two of them, with him actively probing him both mentally and physically, he felt completely helpless… completely at the mercy of his power and authority.

Before he knew it, he was stripped down to his garments, the last shred of lie he had left to conceal the truth of his throbbing erection. As he was seated back down, President Lee moved behind him to tie his hands together, trapping in place. Checkmate.

President Lee took his seat again, knee against knee to the exposed, vulnerable, trembling missionary. He didn’t need to say anything more. The rise in his shorts was truth enough. But President Lee was far from done with him.

Seeing the boy’s cock standing at full mast, he reached out and stroked it, feeling it beneath the sheer white fabric. Elder Ormonde wanted to close his eyes and look away, knowing what was happening to him wasn’t right. The problem was that it didn’t feel entirely wrong either.

Since that fateful kiss in high school, he’d wanted to know more of what being with another man was like. And now, unexpectedly, opportunity was in his lap. Literally. The older man worked his cock, making it grow harder and bigger, bringing him closer to the point of cumming.

He didn’t know what to do about it or how to process what was happening. He decided instead to put those thoughts away until he got back to his apartment. For now, he needed to let himself free of his lies and his games, and enjoy the feeling of the president’s hand bringing him to cum…
Published : 03/07/18

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