Elder Ormonde sat on the daybed, waiting for President Lee to arrive. The room was completely white all over, without so much as a speck of dust or dirt. It seemed the only things that weren’t pure ivory were his black slacks, draping over his legs and concealing his erection.

He was completely alone, but just the very idea that President Lee would be joining him was enough to get him aroused. Since the two had last fucked, the horny missionary could hardly think about anything else. Every time he passed him in the temple, even discretely, he felt the stirring in his loins that only Lee could inspire.

He knew his ordination was something to be excited for–even proud of. But that seemed to all take a backseat to his complete infatuation with the older man’s thick, veiny cock. He’d do anything–truly anything–if it meant he could feel it pound hard inside him again.
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As he felt his body become more flushed, he heard the sound of footsteps behind the door. His heart jumped in his chest, kicking up like a horse that just got smacked from behind. He felt energy course throughout his muscles, activating and ready to pounce. Instead, he remained still on the couch, watching as the door opened and President Lee stepped through.

It seemed like it had been ages since they’ve been alone. His eyes caught the older man’s piercing blue irises, like pools of perfectly carved ice. The older man moved toward him with such power and intention, it seemed like he could walk right through his body.

When President Lee came up to the young boy, he reached out and grabbed his tie, pulling him up like he was calling a puppy to heel. Ormonde rose to his feet, feeling his body tingle and heat up with anticipation. And before he had the time to think about what to do or say, President Lee pulled him close and planted a kiss on his mouth.

Ormonde closed his eyes. The feeling was incredible. He breathed deeply through his nose, taking in the handsome musk of the man’s skin. The pheromonal signature was something he could now recognize purely by scent, even without having watched his mentor enter. The two wrestled each other’s lips and tongues, seemingly unable to get enough of each other in their embrace.

President Lee swiftly removed Ormonde’s tie, freeing the collar up to be unbuttoned. He deftly proceeded to remove his shirt, punctuating his maneuvers with soft and sensual kisses. Ormonde was amazed how expertly he was able to keep peeling off parts of his clothing without ever leaving him waiting for another kiss. He felt completely wanted. Completely loved.

With Elder Ormonde’s dress shirt pulled out of his pants and thrown to the floor, the boy’s garment shirt was exposed. The sheer fabric teased Lee with the sight of the boy’s delicate skin and nipples, just begging to be uncovered.

Lee paused to remove his own shirt and tie, pulling at the straps of his white suspenders, letting them fall to his sides. With the straps no longer holding in his shoulders, he seemed to Elder Ormonde to get even bigger. His chest and arms pumped up in front of him, making the president even more perfect in his eyes.

The two pawed at each other, tearing off their remaining clothes until they were left in just their garment shorts, sporting big, bulging tents held up by their erections. Ormonde couldn’t resist running a hand inside, feeling the thick cucumber of a cock that Lee had protruding out. In return, President Lee ran his hands in the backside of the boy’s shorts, caressing his buttocks.

The older man couldn’t get enough of the boy’s ass. He loved how soft the hairs were that covered it, how it had just the right amount of cushion to grab and squeeze and kneed, and how the deep space between his cheeks warmed up and reacted to his touch.

President Lee knelt down in front of Elder Ormonde, pulling his shorts down to let his cock hang out between his legs. He lifted up one hand to grab the boy’s shaft while the other gently ran a finger under the boy’s balls, seemingly to hold his genitals up and out. He tooks a satisfied breath and opened his mouth, taking the boy’s cock between his lips.

Elder Ormonde let out a quiet moan of delight, feeling the warm, wet mouth of his mentor wrap around his phallus. He involuntarily felt his butt clench again and again as wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through his body. President Lee continued to suck him, taking his member into his mouth, feeling it grow larger between his lips.

Elder Ormonde spoke softly, “That feels good.” And while it was true, he felt deep down that the older man’s place was not on his knees sucking him off. He deserved to be standing tall, like the titan he is, with Ormonde worshipping and fellating him. All he had thought about for days and days was how much he wanted to feel it inside him again.

After his cock couldn’t get any harder, President Lee stood up, kissing the boy’s bare torso on his way up, and pulled his cock out of his shorts. Elder Ormonde knew this was his cue and quickly dropped down to do what he he knew he must.

He took a second to think about it. He saw the thick, veiny cock pointing at him, a mere inches from his mouth. President Lee had given him incredible pleasure, and he wanted to do it just like he did. As he opened his mouth, he became very aware that President Lee’s cock was much thicker and bigger than his own. He felt his jaw muscles stretch to take him inside his mouth, pushing his tongue deep down to make room for his massive shaft.

President Lee let out at delighted moan, more exhalation than words, responding to the way Elder Ormonde was working hard to make him happy. He could tell the boy was struggling, and that only made him more excited. He liked seeing the missionaries under his care work hard for him, pushing themselves harder and further for his pleasure. It was a sign of their loyalty and submission–and meant they truly had the spirit of a member of the Order.

With that, Elder Ormonde swallowed his priest leader down, feeling his throat full of his meat, pumping in and out of his mouth. President Lee put a hand on the side of his head, caressing his close cropped hair, keeping him locked on the end of his cock…
Published : 05/18/18


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