Elder Oaks knows he’s in trouble. He’s spent the past few weeks with his mouth firmly attached to his mission companion, Elder Holland’s throbbing cock.

Holland, the mischievous blond, first seduced the normally shy boy when he wrestled him to the ground one hot summer afternoon. Oaks felt Holland’s stiff member pressing against him as he was pinned against the grass and he felt waves of desire move through his young body.

Soon after, he spied on Elder Holland as he jerked off. He watched the boy cover his muscular body in a thick spurt of cum. It was impossible to keep a moan from escaping his lips.

When Elder Holland saw that he had been caught he wasn’t mad. His mouth stretched into a sly smile and he immediately pulled Oaks wiry, frame towards him.

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They should have been more careful, though. One day, when they were fooling around, President Nelson burst through the door. The powerful man fixed both of them with a steely glare.

“I didn’t expect this from either of you.” Nelson told Holland to pack his things and come to the Temple for disciplinary counsel.

Without his mission companion, Elder Oaks must not be alone. Normally, he would be brought to the Temple, too, but, as he is the son of President Oaks, the Brethren decide it is better that he spend some time at his parent’s home for an old fashioned father/son chat.

President Oaks greets his son, with a solemn pat on the shoulder. The usually affectionate man has been struggling with the revelation about his son’s behavior. He’s specifically struggling with the fact that this information has turned him on.

President Oaks suggests they have some male bonding time while he works through his feelings. He asks his son to join him for his morning gym routine.

As they work out, Elder Oaks watches his father jealously. He wishes he had the man’s toned, tan body. President Oaks catches his son watching him do squat thrusts.

The boy’s glances tell him everything.

“You’ve been noticing the male form quite a lot, lately. Haven’t you?”

Elder Oaks blushes and turns away.

When they return to the house they quickly strip off their sweaty clothes. The gym is the only time that missionarys don’t wear the sacred underwear and Oaks finds himself unable to look away from the meaty bulge that presses against his father’s jock strap.

His father strips off his jock and says he’s going to shower and that he wants to talk about something after they get cleaned up.

Oaks tries to resist, but sweat covered white cloth is making his mouth water. He’s horny as hell since Elder Holland has been gone and he knows he has at least a few minutes before his father comes back.

He lies down on the bed and presses the jock against his face and inhales. The heady musk of his father’s cock fills his nose. He keeps sniffing, pressing his crotch against the mattress.

Suddenly, he hears his father’s voice, “I forgot my phone.” He throws the jockstrap behind his back, but, it’s too late.

He expects President Oaks to be mad, but instead his father gives him an amused look. “Does it turn you on?”

Elder Oaks nods.

“You’re certainly going through a lot of changes aren’t you. Curious boy. Perhaps you would prefer to smell me.”

Oaks does as he’s told, pressing his face against his father’s armpits, chest and finally, his thick shaft. Oaks can’t believe what’s happening, but he can’t stop himself. He starts stroking his father’s cock.

“My beautiful boy is turning into a man,” the President moans. “Would you like to taste me?”

Elder Oaks doesn’t hesitate. He drops to his knees and runs his tongue the length of his father’s shaft. The smell from the jockstrap is so much stronger. President Oaks instructs his son to open his mouth and he takes his father balls deep.

They move onto the bed and Elder Oaks watches his father’s face twist in passion. “Squeeze the base of my cock.” Oaks does.

His own cock is straining to be released. As he bobs his head up and down, he realizes what the smell really is. It’s power. Pure, masculine power. And he wants it inside him.

“Let me show you something that feels really good,” President Oaks says. And begins to roll his son onto his back.

Oaks is all too willing to give his tight, little hole to the man who made him.
Published : 08/03/16

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