Elder Nicola stared at the tiny door ahead of him. He waited patiently on his hands and knees in the tiny corridor. The Order had instructed him to strip down and only wear his temple robe, crawl through the small passageway, and wait to be called.

The young man was confused and a little humiliated, but he understood that he was expected to do as he was told.

The chamber was a long narrow path that he entered through a hidden opening in the wall of the celestial room. It was bigger than a heating duct, but not by much.

As he waited, he wondered about the temple. Regular members of the church are not allowed to go to the temple on Sunday. Regular members attend meetings at their chapels and stake centers, but don’t go inside the temple.

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The only people in the temple each Sunday when he would show up for these meetings were the brethren of the priesthood order. Or rather, it was only the brethren of the order and the handful of young missionary missionary boys who were being inducted.

The sound of three knocks brought him back to his present situation.

Just as soon as he heard it, the tapping from the other side made his heart jump. He was about to find out what was waiting for him on the other side of the door.

He had just gone through the endowment ceremony at the veil before entering the celestial room. Each time a ceremony started, he felt anxious. But each time that anxiety vanished as he surrendered control and as pleasure took over.

As he moved forward and opened the door, he took a deep breath and tried to remain calm and collected. He didn’t want to fall short of pleasing the brethren.

As the light poured over him and he continued through the door, he could see a pleasant, white room. He looked up to see the familiar faces of President Oaks and Bishop Eldridge. In the middle was a large, soft, white altar bed–nothing else. He felt a moment’s relief and continued on.

President Oaks stood beside the entrance, quick to take Nicola by the neck and lead him. Oaks brought the crawling boy to the foot of the bed, where the salt and pepper leader sat down in front of him.

“I want you to wash my feet,” President Oaks instructed, looking pleasantly down at his young charge. Bishop Eldridge looked on from the other side of the room, crossing his arms in front of him, as if he were inspecting this test of obedience.

Nicola reached for President Oaks’ foot and removed his socks and shoes. Beside him lay a bowl of warm water with which he soaked a soft cloth. He carefully cleaned the soles of the handsome man’s feet, nervous whether or not he was doing it correctly. But before he could even move to the next one, Oaks interrupted him.

“Stand up,” he said firmly. Nicola obeyed, nervous he’d messed something up. Oaks, however, ran his hands over the boy’s body, surveying him and examining every contour of his flesh. He even turned him around to feel his backside, taking in the sight of his long, lean frame.

President Oaks stood up and pressed his body behind Nicola’s, pressing his concealed erection against him. His hands continued their journey over his body, making their way from his shoulders all the way down to his belly. Oaks casually slipped the top of the shield down, causing it to fall to Nicola’s hips and expose his torso. Oaks’ touch then continued down beyond Nicola’s waist, bringing his fingers in on the boy’s groin.

Nicola closed his eyes as the sexy daddy pulled at the solitary string of his shield, mesmerized by the soft sensuality of his hands. As his shield dropped to the floor, Oaks gave Nicola’s exposed, hard cock a pleasant squeeze and kissed the side of his neck.

President Oaks was pleased with what he saw, but quickly turned the boy around and brought him to his knees. Nicola, staring directly at the bulge in the president’s white pants, felt his mouth water as he yearned to taste his cock.

With the permission of his leader, Nicola began to remove his pants while Oaks unbuttoned his shirt. Once he brought the man’s pants down, he could see his swollen cock through the sheer white of his garments, rising before his eyes.

He couldn’t resist rubbing his face against it, desperate to inhale its manly musk. Oaks’ cock was something of an obsession for him, and he wanted it in him desperately. Oaks smiled as he removed his clothes, pleased with the boy’s passion. He pulled down his garments, freeing his throbbing member and inviting the boy to taste.

It was like coming home for Nicola. Feeling the heat of Oaks’ cock slide past his lips gave him both a comfort and fervor. He pushed it deep into his throat, holding back his gag reflex to make sure it stayed inside him. Wrapping one hand around the man’s balls, he worshipped his cock with everything he had.

Oaks couldn’t have been prouder. Nicola expertly worked his shaft, making him let out loud moans of pleasure. Instinctively he placed his hands on either side of the boy’s head, as if to guide him on his shaft, but he didn’t need to direct him whatsoever. Nicola had a true talent for cocksucking–all he had to do was look down and enjoy.

“That’s it. Make it nice and wet. I’m going to put that inside of you.”

With those words, Nicola’s cock got even harder. His mouth seemed to get wetter and his body felt like it was on fire. Every cell in his body came alive with excitement.

Just as President Oak’s cock was sufficiently slick with saliva, he pulled his it out of the boy’s mouth and leaned fully back on the bed behind him. He gave Nicola a warm, friendly look with a devilish smile, gesturing for him to join him.

Nicola excitedly got up on the bed, crawling after the handsome leader. As Oaks stroked his cock, Nicola mounted himself on top of him, bringing his legs to either side of the handsome man’s body and resting his smooth boy hole above his swollen member.

Oaks brought his hands to the boy’s waist, running his fingers along his hips and stomach. Feeling the warm, wet cock underneath, Nicola took it in his hand and brought it to the center of his hole. The fire inside him burned even hotter as he took a deep breath and relaxed his hole, taking him inside…
Published : 04/23/17


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