It had been a while since he had been filmed by Elder Holland, and Elder Nicola was getting a little nervous about what he’d done. He loved being fucked by his companion, but the threat of being sent home was always in the back of his mind. What if Holland was lying? What if the President saw it? What if anyone saw it?

When he was called to have a meeting with Bishop Eldridge, he tried to stay calm. Even as he was getting dressed, he could feel his hands shaking from nervousness. For all he knew, church leadership had found the tape and he was in a lot of trouble. He wasn’t sure what he was going to be walking into.

Once in the bishop’s office, his heart was beating so loud in his ears he could hardly hear anything else. The bishop had a reputation for being a direct, no-nonsense guy.

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He came off aggressive to everyone, which often intimidated even the boldest of elders.

Nicola was already somewhat shy, so this man could make him nervous even without the fear of Elder Holland’s recording!

As he sat, he studied the man’s expressions for any sign of what was in store for him.

None was given.

He had been instructed to do exactly as the bishop told him. He would need to be completely obedient. 

“Stand up,” the bishop ordered in a punitive tone. Caught off guard, Nicola hesitated, causing the bishop to respond, “I said, stand up.’”

Nicola obeyed, more nervous than he’d ever been. He knew the next words out of the man’s mouth were going to be bad and he braced himself for his punishment.

“Undress for me.”

Nicola stood shocked. He felt his entire body relax as a comforting thought came to him: maybe Holland’s secret was true! He undressed, feeling somewhat relieved and trying to shake off his nervousness as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Then suddenly, Nicola found himself becoming a bit excited. If it was true, that means that this man probably did see the sex tape… and might be looking for something similar.

Once Nicola he’d taken off his shirt and his garment top was exposed, Bishop Eldridge looked him up and down, surveying the boy’s body. Then suddenly and without warning, he grabbed Nicola’s crotch.

Nicola couldn’t believe that another man was grabbing his penis, let alone a bishop! It felt so wrong, but he couldn’t help being completely turned on.

Feeling the boy’s bulge grow, Bishop Eldridge took off Nicola’s belt and lowered his pants to see his garments. Nicola stood, fully erect, as the handsome man continued to caress his loins. In a real show of dominance, the bishop pulled out Nicola’s cock and teased it in his strong hands.

“Take your pants off,” Eldridge ordered, clearly excited by his power of the young boy.

Elder Nicola obeyed, undressing down to to just his garments. The bishop stepped closer to him, running his hands over his firm body, teasing his nipples, and staring longingly at his lean torso.

In a quick, aggressive motion, the bishop pulled down Nicola’s underwear and turned him around to get a good look at his ass. He pawed it possessively, testing its firmness before giving it a good slap.

“Nice. Very nice.”

Taking a hand to the boy’s cock, Bishop Eldridge stroked him, noticing just how aroused he was. Leaning him back on the desk, the bishop kneeled down and took the boy’s cock into his mouth, tasting him while his tongue massaged the shaft.

Eldridge took Nicola’s cock deeper into his mouth, grabbing onto the boy’s thighs as he continued to suck.

Nicola couldn’t believe how hot this was. To think that he could be part of this secret society, earning the admiration of his superiors, and getting fucked all at the same time!

The bishop then stood up and turned Nicola around and lifted him up onto the desk. Nicola was positioned on all fours, his tall legs forcing his ass high into the air, giving the bishop a perfect view of his inviting hole.

Bishop Eldridge put a hand on each each cheek, spreading them apart slowly to expose the sweet spot between. Taking a moment to let his eyes fully enjoy the pink of the boy’s hole, he then proceeded to plant his face down hard, taking his lips and tongue to him as he rimmed him deeply and passionately.

Nicola’s back arched in response, completely overwhelmed by the feeling of the bishop’s tongue. Soon the bishop’s passion escalated from licking to sucking, forcing the boy’s hole into his mouth.

It was a deep kiss on the boy’s ass that almost stung. Nicola bit his lip and closed his eyes with each pinch of his hole, not sure how much he could handle but desperate for it not to stop.

Coming up from the boy’s hole, the bishop praised, “I think you’re going to do just fine.”

Walking around to the other side, Bishop Eldridge came to look on Nicola’s body. He could see from the boy’s flushed face and perked nipples that he’d had quite the affect on him. He ran his hands over the curve of his spine and back to his hole, teasing it once more with his fingers.

Taking him by the hand, the bishop brought Elder Nicola off the table and down to the floor, placing the boy on his knees in front of him. Nicola’s ass was still pulsing from the aggressive rimjob the sexy man had given him.

The bishop grabbed the boy’s head and brushed it against the bulge of his pants. Nicola could feel the fully erect cock beneath the zipper and was desperate to feel it in his mouth. As his mouth and nose moved past, he tried to breath deeply to get a whiff of its musk.

Eldridge took off his belt and dropped his pants, giving the boy a view of the big dick beneath the white of his garments. The man’s crotch had an aroma that was powerful and intoxicating. It completely penetrated his senses and made him beg to suck.

The bishop smiled as he watched Nicola completely submit to his crotch. He even took pleasure in running his covered shaft and balls against the boy’s face, as if to mark him as his sub.

Pulling his garments down, his cock fell out of their garments and onto Nicola’s face. The boy quickly took it into his mouth, feeling its girth fill his throat. He coerced himself upon it, trying not to choke on its massive size. He wanted to impress this man, and he was prepared to do whatever it took…
Published : 03/15/17


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