Elder Nicola stood attentive. He wanted more than anything to prove himself. Bishop Angus and Brother Hales moved slowly and deliberately around him, preparing the room. The young man tried hard to not appear nervous.

During his previous meeting with President Oaks, the handsome daddy praised Elder Nicola for his determination and obedience. In fact, he said that he was be a model inductee for the Order.

That said, the president told Nicola that none are completely clean; all must atone for their sins. This is especially true for those seeking entrance into the Order.

Elder Nicola’s heart raced watching the bishop remove a black cloth from its resting place to reveal a long board studded with shiny, black graduated pegs. One after the other, they increased in size down its length. Nicola’s eyes seemed to widen in measured response.

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“Brother Hales,” spoke Bishop Angus, “please prepare the young man.” Hales’ strong hands and steel gaze was a welcome distraction from the bench. His blue eyes caught Nicola’s as the sexy man began to undress him.

Nicola felt oddly relaxed as his clothes were removed, exposing him down to his garments. Something about being completely at the disposal of these men felt perfect. He knew he could surrender control.

Brother Hales removed his garments. Nicola involuntarily let out barely audible moans as the man’s hands groped his bare flesh. Hales brought his face in close, subtly smelling the boy’s scent and kissing along the length of his neck. Nicola arched his head back and closed his eyes, feeling his body become aroused by his touch.

“Brother Hales, bring him over to me,” Bishop Angus ordered. The young man turned his attention to the bearded leader and found himself fully erect by his power.

Even without the chair that surrounded him, Bishop Angus had the strong and masculine presence of a king. And as such, Nicola felt compelled to follow his orders.

Bishop Angus firmly placed his hand in the boy’s garments and fondled his genitals, feeling the affect of his power. With a gentle tug, he pulled the boy’s cock out, squeezing his testicles as he took it in his mouth to taste him. 

The Bishop eventually instructed Brother Hales to continue.

Hales took off the boy’s garments completely and ran his fingers over Nicola’s buttocks. He could see the boy was tight as he caressed his delicate hole.

“Proceed to the first peg,” Angus ordered, staring directly at Elder Nicola as he spoke.

Hales made sure to give the boy lube. As the boy rubbed the lube on the first peg and his hole, he felt the tension in his body return, nervous to disappoint Bishop Angus.

“Sit down on the peg. All the way.”

Nicola did as he was told, bending his knees and arching his body to bring his hole to meet the top of the slick, black plug. This first one was quite small, and it slid inside him without too much trouble. He breathed in deeply.

Seeing the boy’s satisfactory performance, Bishop Angus ordered him to the next peg. Nicola received more lube and took a slight step forward, standing over the second plug.

“I want to see you go down on it,” the bishop ordered.

Nicola took his direction to heart, trying hard to lean his body back, spread his legs wide, and cup his balls into his hand so that the handsome man could get a clear, unblocked view of the mass entering his body.

“Does that hurt?” the bishop asked.


“Okay, then: onto the next peg.”

As Nicola moved ahead and slid down on the third peg, he felt himself tense. It was getting harder and the bishop was not wasting any time, telling him to move forward as soon as he was able to sit flat on the bench.

The harder it became, the slower Nicola took, which appeared to displease Bishop Angus.  The bearded leader insisted that the boy press himself down on it, taking it completely into his ass. The bishop even recruited Brother Hales to push him and hold him down as he made his way closer.

Before long, the inevitable came and Nicola could not continue. He breathed heavily and moaned loudly as the peg pressed hard against him, stretching him wide but finding no purchase.

“You’re going to be punished if you don’t complete this task,” Angus reminded him, looking at the boy’s eyes, searching for a sign of his resolve.

Defeated, Nicola bowed out. “I’m sorry, I can’t.” The tired, young missionary was unaware, however, of the bishop’s delight. As much as he would have liked to see him continue, the Bishop’s goal was to see the boy surrender. He ordered Nicola to stand and turn around, giving him the chance to see for himself what the boy had endured.

Elder Nicola bent over, showing his red, worn hole to the bishop. Angus ran his finger along its center and could feel the intense heat coming from it. Bishop Angus could not help himself and leaned down to lick him. Angus soothed the boy’s tender hole with his tongue.

Nicola moaned in response while his hole was worked over. Brother Hales came forward, standing in front of Nicola, and quieted him with his hard cock. Nicola continued to react, moaning with every touch and tease from bishop’s actions, only now his sounds were muffled as he swallowed Hales’ giant member.

Bishop Angus stood back and watched the boy continue to suck, bent over the stretcher, arching his back up high. While Nicola was distracted, the bishop began to undress, removing his shirt and tie as he gazed upon the young missionary’s determined oral skills.

Watching him perform excited him to the point where he knew he needed to fuck, and tired hole or no, Nicola was going to need to take it.

As the boy regained his strength on the end of Hales’ dick, he felt his own sexual desires build up. Without the pain and stress of the test, he found himself not only enjoying himself but totally turned on by the whole experience. His hunger built as his tongue wrapped around Hale’s thick shaft. And just as soon as his energy peaked, he felt Angus’ cock slide deep inside him from behind…
Published : 04/12/17


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