Initiates are instructed to never divulge the secrets of the temple. They must never talk about the Order outside the temple walls. This is something every young missionary inductee hears and recites again and again.

Granted, it can be sometimes hard to remember all the rules when boys are distracted by incredible fucking and the best orgasms of their young lives.

Still, there’s no excuse for telling others unless explicitly authorized by the leadership. While Elder Lund and his companion, Elder Gardner, were both inductees, neither was supposed to make the other aware.

After their night of passionate love making, they spilled the beans and told all about each other’s calling.

Elder Lund was still unsure of everything the Brethren had asked of him and even doubted much of what his companion had told him about the journey toward his ordination.

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When the time came for him to meet with his area president, he was all too eager to share what he’d heard.

When a boy breaks the rules, it’s up to the Brethren to determine the correct punishment.

President Ballard and Bishop Angus teamed up to direct the boy in his atonement, having both guided him through his induction.

The two men brought Elder Lund into the temple basement and put a blindfold on the nervous boy. Lund wondered what would happen, even asking if he was in trouble, but his mentors seemed inclined to keep him in the dark.

And in the dark he was. Even before the blindfold was on, he could barely see in the dimly lit room. With it on, he had no chance of knowing what would happen next.

President Ballard and Bishop Angus stood beside him, running their hands over his body. They hardly spoke, even to each other. They just went about feeling his thin, shaking torso through his clothes.

Elder Lund held his breath as much as possible, hoping to hear what he couldn’t see. He could feel the two strangers begin to undress him, unknotting his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Occasionally he could hear the sounds of buckles clinking around him, making him think they were undressed themselves as well.

Trying to observe as much as he could, he stayed completely still. Even as he was uncovered and stripped down to his garments, he tried hard to ascertain everything happening around him. Even as President Ballard put a hand on his crotch, fondling his building erection, he remained like a statue.

The hands continued their invasive manipulation of his pelvis, pulling down his garment bottoms and releasing his cock. It felt even stranger than before to be hard and not see what was happening. It wasn’t until the older man’s mouth wrapped around his member that his breath became audible and he broke his focus.

Without being able to see, Elder Lund could only focus on the feeling. The way his balls were gently cupped in the older man’s hands. The feeling of his shaft being licked and swallowed over and over. His mind flooded with memories of all the men who’d fucked him before and the way he’d sucked their dicks. It got him even hotter and harder.

This continued for a while with Elder Lund caught in Ballard’s control, during which both Ballard and Angus completely undressed around him, stroking their cocks and getting themselves ready for the real act of atonement.

When Ballard release the boy from his mouth, he could feel Bishop Angus’ hands guide him forward onto a raised platform. It wasn’t much higher off the ground that a stool, but flat and wide. He couldn’t make out what it was, but when he was placed on all fours, he could tell it was a hard, sturdy platform.

Once the Angus’ hands went away, Elder Lund felt lost in space. Without any sense of where he was and where the others were, he started to feel a pinch of anxiety work through his body. He was helpless and defenseless without his sight, and as much as he was worried about what would happen to him, he felt comfort in feeling their touch. If for no other reason than he knew he wasn’t alone.

As he bent over, he heard a man step closer to him, his bare feet making soft contact with the floor. Then, without warning, a hard cock head was pressed against his lips, pushing its way into his mouth. He nearly choked on it as it coerced its way inside, but he quickly adjusted and opened his mouth to take it.

From the way it tasted, the smell of the flesh, and the ache in his jaw, he knew it belonged to President Ballard. The handsome daddy had a cock as this as a beer can and always presented as a challenge for any hole that it breached.

That left Bishop Angus. Where was he? What was he doing? The answer came down quick with a whack! A stinging sensation spread through his ass as he felt the muscle bear’s hand smack hard on his butt. The shock was enough to make his mouth tighten on the hung daddy’s dick, forcing the older man to brace his head with his hands.

Whack! It came again. Whack! And again. The spanking built up in speed and intensity, making his ass feel like it was being pricked with a thousand hot needles. The only thing Elder Lund could do was continue to suck on Ballard’s cock, hoping it would muffled his moans and distract him from the pain.

It only lasted a couple minutes, but it felt like an hour to Elder Lund’s tender behind. He couldn’t see it, regardless of the blindfold, but soon his buttocks glowed red, reacting visibly to the onslaught of impacts by the giant man’s hands.

The two men retreated from his body again. Once more he felt alone in the black, not being able to feel or hear where the two men were. He waited patiently, trembling from the intensity of the spanking and the excitement he felt. He was scared, but was instinctively more scared that he wouldn’t feel them again.

A cock pressed against his mouth again. This time it smelled and tasted different. It was hard and furry, and the hand that held his chin up to receive it was the same hand that had smacked him from behind: Bishop Angus.

It was at that moment he felt the wet, hard, thick member of President Ballard behind him, pressing between his swollen, reddened cheeks.

The older man pushed down on his cock, making it press on his hole hard. It was a blunt feeling on his delicate sphincter, but less painful than the stinging pain of Angus’ hits. In a way, he saw the invading spread of his hole yielding to the massive girth of the man’s cock as a pleasure compared to what he felt before. Still, it wasn’t a tickle or massage.

The giant cock spread the boy apart wider and wider. Bottoming was still very new to the muscles of his sphincter and the pain of learning was still very present. Elder Lund breathed hard through his nose while his mouth was full of Bishop Angus’ cock, feeling himself be penetrated from behind as he was in front…

Published : 11/29/17


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