Elder Lindsay thinks he must have passed his inspection, since he has been invited to come to the temple for the next stage of his initiation into The Order.

He had enjoyed every second of the inspection by Bishop Angus, whose stern, authoritative presence had made the boy weak in the knees, willing to say or do anything to please the man.

The Bishop had touched and tasted every inch of the boy’s gorgeous body, before bending him over and drilling his tight hole.

But when it was all over, and Elder Lindsay had washed off the cum, he had waited many days in vain for more information. But he knew better than to go looking for answers.

He knew The Order would find him when they were ready.

After he undresses in a private stall he slips the clean white shield over his naked body.

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And he wonders what the next rite of passage will be, and who will perform it.

Because he’s a little cold, his skin is very sensitive, and the sensation of the fabric grazing his flesh gives him an instant chub.

The shield is open on both sides, so every time he moves, even slightly, his juicy ass and his plump semi peek out.

Because reverence is demanded of temple-goers, his guide signals silently for him to follow, then leads the nearly nude boy to a curtained initiatory chamber.

A deep, masculine voice comes from within: “Elder Lindsay, you may enter.” He pushes aside the curtain, steps in, and sees the man who spoke.

The man has a handsome face, thick facial hair and an aura of utter seriousness. Elder Lindsay is immediately attracted to him.

“I’m Brother Daniels,” he says, “and I’ll be performing your initiation.”

Elder Lindsay remembers being washed and anointed the first time he came to the temple, but this time feels different.

There’s a tangible electric charge in the air, and Brother Daniels takes his time, lingering over every body parts he oils up, touching them gently, sensually.

Elder Lindsay’s cock is begging to be touched, and when Brother Daniels finally dabs oil on the head and rubs it in, the penis is bobbing with excitement.

And when the man gets on his knees and takes the boy’s hard tool in his mouth, Elder Lindsay can feel the cum building up in his balls, getting ready to explode.
Published : 11/15/15

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