P-Day With Brother Johnson

Rigid Elder Ricci is usually the rule-following type. But whenever Elder Lindsay is involved, he somehow forgetsall the inhibitions that usually him back. Something about Lindsay’s smile, his earthy, free-spirited charm that makes Ricci want to follow him to the ends of the earth. Nothing means more to him than spending quality time with Lindsay, and he will break any rule and go to any measure to make sure he gets to be with the boy. So, when Lindsay wants to break into the church even though it is most definitely against the rules, Ricci is willing to risk it all to be with him.

As soon as they are alone, Lindsay shows Ricci that his risk is worth the reward. He suggests to Ricci that they should fool around, and Ricci is quick to take him up on the offer, they kiss sensually in their summer clothes, undressing each other in the process. Their sweaty bodies press against each other in a loving embrace, and their cocks grow as they get more and more aroused. It seems any time these boys get together, something like this happens, and neither of them wants to fight it.
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But as they embrace each other, suddenly they hear a rustling from the corner. They find that it is Brother Johnson. Somehow, he has found his way into the church, even though they believed they had the only key. Luckily, Johnson assures them that they do not need to stop. He finds their sexual encounter as intoxicatingly erotic as they do. In fact, he wants them to continue and let him join in the fun. Ricci and Lindsay look at each other with surprise. It seems that this lucky day keeps getting luckier. And with Brother Johnson in the fold, the threesome is sure to be an orgasmic one.

Published : 06/20/15


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