Correlation Meeting

Elder Lindsay has always loved Elder Ricci’s sharp looks. His pale complexion and his piercing eyes have never failedto entice the boy. But now that he is having his asshole pierced by his thick shaft, he understands that the boy is far more than a pretty face. He has a girth and sexual hunger that Lindsay has never experienced before. He enjoys it so much, he can hardly focus on the large cock that is in his mouth. Luckily, Brother Johnson is more than handsome and muscular enough to keep Lindsay’s attention, even as he is getting the anal pummeling of his life.

Lindsay works wonders with his tongue as Brother Johnson shoves his cock further down his throat. He has always dreamed of being spit roasted by two hung boys, and this threesome is already the most satisfying sexual encounter he has ever experienced. The two boys give him all the attention he has always wanted, and it fills him with sensory joy that he never even realized he craved. Ricci’s veiny prick has found a welcoming home in Lindsay’s sweet hole, and Lindsay could not be happier playing host.
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Finally, Brother Johnson takes his turn, plowing Lindsay’s tight asshole with his own throbbing cock, and Lindsay’s expectations are continually exceeded. Both these boys bring him a deep pleasure that he hopes to burn into his muscle memory permanently. If this is what the path towards The Order looks like, he cannot wait for the next ritual… and the next and the next. He never wants the carnal pleasure to end, and even if it does, he will do whatever it takes to get back to this apex of euphoria. As he squirts hot semen all over himself, he makes sure to fully experience every second of this momentous encounter.

Published : 08/13/15


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