Correlation Meeting

Brother Johnson is the new ward mission leader, and he is a bit nervous about his responsibilities. It means thathe will have to look over some of the missionaries and make sure they stay on the path towards The Order. However, he is late to his Correlation Meeting with Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci, which immediately makes a bad impression on Ricci. The boy is a stickler for detail and having a mission leader who does not care about punctuality is a major red flag. Lindsay, on the other hand, is far more forgiving. He understands Johnson’s jitters as he is new to the position of ward mission leader. It is a lot of responsibility for a young man to shoulder and must be a lot of pressure.

Lindsay turns around to talk about their Investigators using a map to demonstrate. He points at the top of the figure, showing what path he plans to take. But as he gets deeper into his explanation, he suddenly feels a firm hand on his ass. He turns around to find Johnson looking at him seductively. Ricci, as always, is a ball of nerves, but Johnson reassures the timid boy. Don’t be so nervous, he says, before pulling him in for a kiss.
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Now that the ice has been broken, the boys can finally get to what they have been hoping for all along. Johnson kneels down to suck both of the young missionaries cocks, getting them in the mood for some more intense fun. Then, he licks Lindsay’s puckering asshole as Lindsay slobbers on Ricci’s massive prick. Finally, after feeling Lindsay’s hole pulsate under his tongue, Johnson sticks his dick inside the smiley boy’s butt raw, barebacking him into an orgasmic frenzy. Lindsay can’t believe his luck as the spitroasting of his life commences.

Published : 08/05/15


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