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When two boys become friends during their missions, often times they end up getting closer than they could have ever beenin the outside world. These young men find themselves in a stage of becoming that they could never experience while masking their identities. But now, that Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci have found a safe place for them to experience each other’s bodies, they can’t seem to get enough. Yes, it may be against mission policy for two boys to conjugate so freely, but as long as the secret stays between them, there is no harm done.

Lindsay pumps Ricci’s asshole full with meaty cock. He usually likes to feel his own butt fill up with dick, but today he treats Ricci to a passionate topping before taking his turn. He slams the boy’s sweet hole as the veins in his biceps engorge with blood. For such an even-tempered, well-mannered boy, Lindsay can become a total animal. Sexually, he cannot be satiated until he has popped his shot. Today, he hopes to reach that climax without any of the men of The Order discovering the transgression.
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Ricci’s senses are flooded with pleasure as Lindsay plows away from behind. He has always had a huge crush on the boy and feeling his member deep inside his body makes his heart flutter in ecstatic delight. If he could stay in this room forever and feel Ricci inside him, he would. But he knows that he is ultimately meant to make his way towards The Order and serve the priesthood. It is his higher calling, and he will heed the responsibility when it comes. Until then, he will enjoy every second spent with his humble but hung companion.
Published : 06/03/15

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