Companionship Inventory

Somehow, whenever Elder Ricci sits down to do some reading, Elder Lindsay seems to find him and cause a stir. Today, Lindsaywalks in and confronts the boy directly. Yes, he may have been a missionary longer than Lindsay, and yes he may be a leader amongst the boys, but he is not a good liar. Lindsay has seen Ricci checking him out in the halls of the mission, but Ricci simply cannot bring himself to admit it. He looks away and denies that he has had lustful thoughts about his companion – he wants to keep all of his desires to himself. But Lindsay is not easily fooled. He sees right through Ricci’s façade and knows exactly what buttons to push to get the boy to buckle.

Soon, he convinces Ricci that the only way the two of them can get in trouble is if one of them tells the priests. Otherwise, they should feel free to enjoy the gifts that their bodies have to offer. What good is the flesh if they cannot experience it. Besides, there must be a reason for them finding each other. Some greater design or purpose has led them to each other, and Lindsay is determined to find out what it is.
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He believes the first step is for them to cut the sexual tension. They must stop pretending they don’t have feelings for each other and embrace them fully. It is the only way to build a true bond.

Ricci succumbs and soon becomes entangled in Lindsay’s arms. They lock lips and kiss passionately, both of them hoping the embrace will never end. Then, Lindsay journeys to Ricci’s nether regions, licking and sucking his fat prick and tonguing his sensitive asshole. The tension may finally have been broken, but the sexual journey has just begun.
Published : 05/27/15


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