The first two pegs were easy. Well, easier. Elder Land had been playing with his hole for years and knew he could take anything from tiny fingers to big cocks. But it wasn’t the stretchers that truly tested him.

His desires for the men were becoming more than he could possibly contain. And President Faust had lay claim to his mind and body in way that he couldn’t have imagined before his mission.

The handsome older man systematically tested his secret thoughts, teased into the open his secret desires, and opened him to questioning his own convictions toward what he believed about feelings of same sex sexual contact.

It seemed hopeless that Elder Land would keep his same sex attractions suppressed. And in way, he was grateful for it. President Faust had shown him something about his body and the way he could feel when responding to a man’s touch.

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It was something he never had experienced but instinctively understood.

And then President Faust fucked the boy. The incredibly sexy older man gave the boy a powerful and meaningful fuck he would not soon forget.

And then there was Bishop Gibson, the man for whom Elder Land still pined for. But things were different now. He felt a sense of belonging to President Faust and the Brethren, deferring to them for everything.

It seemed simpler and better that they were making decisions for him, and he wanted to make them proud. So much so that he stopped questioning their commands altogether, trusting them to look out for him and love him. And when both Bishop Gibson and President Faust called him to the temple basement, Elder Land went without a moment’s hesitation.

“Good boy,” President Faust spoke out, watching Elder Land’s naked body straddle the third peg of the priesthood stretcher.

Unlike his previous visit to the dark room, Elder Land was very much in control of this test. The priesthood stretcher was a long bench, studded with bigger and bigger plugs meant for his ass to take inside. At the end sat President Faust, ever the watchful master, monitoring him and guiding him closer to him and bigger in size.

Elder Land’s moved his body in tiny contortions, arching his back and controlling his breathing to let the object find its way inside him. It felt good. Really good. It was hard for him to let each peg move all the way past his sphincter, knowing the feeling of his ring being opened would lessen.

“Sit all the way down and stroke you dick,” Faust ordered.

Even with his own pleasures being achieved, that was all it took for Land to bend his knees and plant his firm, round ass on the smooth wood of the bench. Elder Land would have done anything for President Faust. Anything at all.

The salt and pepper bearded man’s eyes were locked on him the entire time, looking at him with a precision and focus that was usually reserved in hunting. Every breath Land took Faust took note of. Every slight shift in his hips was observed and detailed with his eagle eyes. The only time he looked away was to alert Bishop Gibson to prepare the next peg.

It was strange at first for Elder Land to be naked in front of these two men, both of whom represented the pillars of his losing battle with his sexality. The object of fantasy and the real world disciplinarian and teacher.

Every time Bishop Gibson’s hand moved in front of him, sleeves rolled up, blonde hairs glistening and hands wrapped around the next peg Elder Land is meant to take, the young missionary couldn’t help but inhale deeply the scent of his musk, missing his body and the power of his cock inside him.

There was no question that Elder Land was still wrapped up in the handsome man, but President Faust’s authority was supreme. When he was in the room, he was the alpha and that master, and he demanded complete obedience and focus.

“Proceed to the next peg.”

Elder Land paused and waited for Gibson to move his hand away before he sat up and inched his way further down the bench.

The peg gave him some resistance. It required him to be slower and more in control of his body to take it, but his hole soon opened and wrapped around it’s shiny, phallic shape. It had the girth and length of a hard cock, not unlike that of the two men watching over him carefully.

The feeling made him think about them fucking him, pumping his athletic body and round ass full of their seed. He licked his lips as the plug filled his ass, desperate to get them back in his special place.

“Gibson, push him all the way down.”

Bishop Gibson stood behind Elder Land, pressing his hands gently on his shoulders, slightly massaging them as he put weight on him and pressed his body down on the peg.

Elder Land’s cock began to drip, feeling his seminal fluid being pushed out by the peg. Elder Land stroked his dick, lost in the feeling of the insertion and elevated by the close proximity of the hottest men he could imagine.

“How does that feel boy?”

“Good, sir… really good.”

“Do you think you can take the last one?”

“I don’t think I can, Sir.”

“You can try.”

Looking ahead, Elder Land could see the large plug standing between him and President Faust. It looked like the size of a light bulb, only completely back and sealed tightly to the surface of the bench.

It was bigger than anything that had ever been inside him, and it made him nervous. Still, Bishop Gibson continued to massage his shoulders, running his fingers along his clavicle and teasing up to the base of his neck.

The young boy stood up, felt his hole resettle closed, and stepped forward.

As he began his descent, he felt the bulbous object make contact with his hole, pressing on the soft cheeks of his butt before connecting with his hole. This is impossible, he thought. He felt his forehead perspire and his back begin to shake.

He moved down a hair at a time, trying to find a way to make it fit inside him. All the while, the room was silent save for his own breathing and moaning. Bishop Gibson stood beside him, watching him intently, with President Faust leaning forward in his chair, arms resting on his knees, staring focused at the boy’s struggle.

After a couple minutes, Elder Land could feel the limits of his body. It wasn’t working. He wasn’t taking it like he had before. It wasn’t going to fit.

“If you can’t take it, there will be consequences,” President Faust whispered, silent and stern, but just loud enough that Elder Land could hear it throughout his entire being.

“…I can’t,” Elder Land surrendered, let out a strained breath as he continued to attempt it even through his resignation.

President Faust broke eye contact for the first time, looking down at his hands, and turning his wedding band slightly. He then looked up to Bishop Gibson and gestured him to come closer. He then looked at Elder Land and nodded permissively.

Elder Land stood up, feeling his body shaky and weak from his efforts.

“Turn around,” President Faust ordered.

Elder Land did so, facing away from the handsome president and looking at Bishop Gibson. His crush and fantasy was undressing beside him, stripping down to his garments.

President Faust bent Elder Land over the bench, taking his hand on the boy’s back and feeling his well worn butt. He ran his fingers between his cheeks and felt inside the boy’s anal cavaty, probing it and feeling for just how tired it was. He was impressed that it still felt hot and tight, which coerced a sly smile on the older man’s face.

Elder Land watched Bishop Gibson remove his underwear and reveal his perfect cock just as President Faust pushed his fingers inside him. He let out a gasp and his cock continued to leak as the older man navigated his insides with his digits.

Bishop Gibson took some of the oil he’d used to prepare the pegs and stroked his hard cock, watching his colleague continue to open up the young missionary. It was clear to Elder Land what the consequences of his failure would be, and he couldn’t be happier. Bishop Gibson was going to fuck him, and President Faust was going to watch…

Published : 11/05/17

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