The Calling

“Do you know why you’re here?”

President Lewis’ words cut through the heavy silence like a knife. His soft voice seemedto echo in the old, wood office, reverberating all around, shaking up everything as it moved–including Elder Jones.

The young missionary was perspiring already, feeling his tie tighten around his neck, his scalp tingle as sweat beaded out of his nervous body. The boy knew what he should say, but it was fundamentally inadequate.

He was told of the Order, the secret power of sex and its place in the higher priesthood, but it still seemed elusive and opaque. He was curious, for sure, but more nervous than anything else. He had no idea what path he was walking down, but knew that it wasn’t one he could willingly or pleasantly steer off from.

“Yes, sir,” Elder Jones replied.

President Lewis looked him in the eyes.
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He was observant and intuitive, seeing the shaking in the boy’s hands and the hearing the uneasiness in his voice. Still, he kept a stone face, unmoved and strong.

“Very good,” he continued. “You may stand up.”

Elder Jones took to his feet, attempting to smooth out his shirt and tie as he stood, before pausing at Lewis’ next request.

“Take off your clothes.”

Jones didn’t forget about what happened the last time he undressed for the handsome president. It seemed clinical and official before, prompting little hesitation on his part. The result, of course, was an excited and unexpected ejaculation in the bearded man’s presence.

It was an experience that he hadn’t stopped thinking about, both for it’s pleasure and it’s terror. Jones found himself paused, standing like a deer in headlights, not entirely sure what would happen this time around.

“You heard me.”

Elder Jones’ stunned silence was broken by this assertion. He found the strength to move his hands once more and began to remove his clothes. As he did, he looked away from President Lewis, still somewhat embarrassed and humiliated by his impending nakedness. He could feel the man’s eyes on him, never once gazing anywhere but on his body.

Once he was stripped down to his garments, Elder Jones recalled his previous erection, the way he was touched, how scary it was, and how good it felt. His mind spiraled into an erotic storm, stopped only by President Lewis’ next request.

“Come here… face me.”

Elder Jones stepped toward him, feeling the fabric of his garments brush against the head of his penis. It was suddenly sensitive, aware of its soft covering. The sensation stayed in the boy’s mind, a fact he couldn’t ignore or set aside. And the more he thought about it, the more he felt his body respond toward arousal.

President Lewis ran his hands over the boy’s body, running down his flat, narrow chest. His hands caressed the boy’s adolescent nipples, full and excited by his touch. He felt down the boy’s hips, down his legs, and behind to his buttocks.

President Lewis cracked a smile, breaking his steel expression for the first time, clearly pleased with what he saw before him…

Published : 09/18/18


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