Elder Jones fidgeted in his seat, trying to get secure and comfortable. His palms were sweaty and he felt heat rising around hisshirt collar. He couldn’t be sure, but he felt like his cheeks were flushed. He couldn’t remember a time he was more vulnerable and more discomfited.

President Lewis had asked him question after question about his sexuality and sexual history, probing, invasive questions that Elder Jones felt very strange hearing, let alone answering. He was asked about pornography, masturbation, sexual fantasies… Elder Jones wasn’t naive. He knew well about sex and desire. Especially since he began his mission…

The young man had been struggling to reconcile his calling and his time as a missionary with the frequently recurring thoughts of the men in the church. He noticed their beautiful faces, all smiling and eager, looking back at him and filling him with new feelings. He noticed their bodies, filling out their fine suits and athletic wear on P-day exercises and games.
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But more than that, being surrounded by the handsome, older, leaders and caused his mind to wander into new and unexpected areas.

He didn’t mean to, but he frequently thought about them naked, wondering what their matured, seasoned bodies looked like… what they’d feel like. He’d never seen another man naked before, at least not in a sexual context. He wondered if they had penises as big as his and how they would fill out and become erect. This was especially true of President Lewis, who was now sitting inches away from him, questioning him about his secret thoughts.

“Have you ever masturbated?” Lewis pressed on.

Jones stammered out and unconvincing, “no,” causing the older man to laugh to himself, amused by the feeble attempt at a lie.

“I’ll ask you again: have you ever masturbated?” Elder Jones stared at his knees, not wanting to make eye contact with this superior, as his nodded and conceded the truth.

President Lewis asked him more personal questions. If he’d ever had sex, been kissed, been touched. Jones’ face became even redder as he tried to plead his innocence, but the older man’s expression never once indicated how he was being judged.

Lewis leaned in closer, moving to the edge of his seat. He asked for the boy’s hand and pressed his fingers on the boy’s wrist. It was the same gesture Jones had seen when he visited the doctor. Lewis also moved a hand on the boy’s chest, pressing firmly against his body.

Elder Jones knew he was checking his pulse, possibly to determine if he was lying or not. But he knew this was only going to implicate him more. His heart picked up its pace as he felt the man’s hand touch him. He’d never been touched before by an older man in this way–at least not one that he’d already thought about intimately.

Lewis got what he needed quickly enough and released the boy from his grip, though Jones was even more flustered and unsure of himself.

“Have you ever been aroused by another boy or man?”

“No!” Jones spouted out quickly, plainly overcompensating for his current state.

“Are you willing to prove that you’re telling the truth?” President Jones asked.

“Of course.”

“Good. Then get up and get undressed…”

Elder Jones was startled to hear this request. It seemed unorthodox and inappropriate, but he knew he had to do as his leader asked. He stood up and tentatively began to unknot his tie and remove his shirt. All the while, he looked over at President Lewis and saw his eagle eyes watching him closely.

Elder Jones was nervous what the older man had in store for him, but was even more scared of the familiar stirring in his loins. Why was he being turned on? And why now? He feared greatly that an inopportune erection would spring up at that moment. And as he pulled off his pants, he knew that he had nowhere to hide his imminent arousal…
Published : 09/07/18

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