Total, unquestioning obedience is required of every missionary boy who desires to join The Order. One method the brethren have found useful in bringing the missionaries to full submission is to punish them physically.

A combination of confession and punishment inspires the young men to rely on their priesthood leaders and to do exactly what they command, without question or hesitation.

Elder Isaacs has been under the watchful eye of the brethren since he entered the mission field. His handsome face and impressive body, his sexual appetite, and his eagerness to please his leaders were documented by President Woodruff during the missionary physical he conducted.

Having long since been convinced them that he was a perfect candidate for initiation, Elder Isaacs and his companion were given information about the higher priesthood.

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When this whole thing started, Elder Isaacs had his senior companion with him. But shortly after their Priesthood Prep, the two boys were split up for their initiatory ordinances. Elder Larsen was sent to Bishop Angus his inspection, and Isaacs was sent back to President Woodruff.

…but this time for disciplinary action, a form of ritualised punishment to be administered by President Woodruff.

Elder Isaacs arrives at the President’s home, again unsure of what to expect. The President is an intimidating man, and Isaacs is worried that his punishment will be painful and humiliating. But he wants to prove to the President that he can endure anything the man dishes out.

As the boy nervously discusses the ways he has hidden or lied about his same sex attraction with his stoic priesthood leader, he looks for signs of encouragement or understanding on the man’s face; he receives none.

When he has finished talking, the man sternly orders him to stand up and drop his pants.

“You will receive a good, old-fashioned punishment,” he says. Then he bends the missionary over his knee and spanks him hard.

Elder Isaacs is shocked to be treated this way. His butt stings, and he feels tears collecting in his eyes. But he bites his tongue. As the President hits him again and again, he tries not to make a sound — but as his butt gets more and more tender, he starts to moan with each blow. But as much as the spanking hurts, it also turns the boy on.

And when the President orders him to stand up and remove his underwear, he’s embarrassed because he has gotten hard during his discipline. But he does as told, and the President takes his hard cock in his hand and gives it a tug.

It’s wonderful to see a boy respond positively to being punished, and he’s excited to milk the cum from him.

The man reposition the boy so that he can get at his asshole. Face to the floor, legs spread, Elder Isaacs presents his ass to the president, who licks his hole and then buries his face in it.

He spreads the boy’s fleshy, white cheeks and gives the hole a thorough tonguing. Then he rubs his fingers against it, eliciting a low moan.

The boy’s hole tenses in anticipation, and the the President wets a finger with spit and slides it in. The boy’s whole body reacts. The president isn’t gentle. He pushes a second finger in and smiles as the boy’s dick involuntarily leaks copious amounts of cum.

Isaacs involuntarily squeezes his cheeks together, but the president is in, and he feels around inside the boy. He probes and prods, all the while aware of the boy’s boner throbbing against his leg.
Published : 10/11/15


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