The Covenant

Bishop Hart looked down at Elder Ingles as the boy took his foot in his hand. The handsome leader sat on the edge of a bed, finely dressed in his best white suit and tie, only made slightly more casual by the slippers he wore. Beneath him knelt the young missionary, clad only in a loose fitting temple shield.

Bishop Hart studied the boy’s expression, taking in the way he removed his slipper and sock. As Ingles began to wash it with the bowl of water provided, he saw something truly exception in the young man’s face: total humility.

There was nothing begrudging or petulant about the way Elder Ingles serviced him. He took a dampened cloth to the handsome bishop’s sole and carefully ran it from toe to heel. He had the patience and consideration of someone truly in awe and worship of a superior.

Bishop Hart saw this potential in him all the Read more . . .

way back to his worthiness interview, sensing the boy’s innate hunger to submit and serve. Now, he seemed perfectly comfortable in his skin and with his role… something that excited Hart like nothing else.

“Stand up,” Hart said to him, giving the boy permission to cease his washing. “Come closer.”

Elder Ingles placed the cloth to the side, rising to his feet, trying to keep the shield from slipping off his shoulders. It was clearly made for a bigger missionary and it was difficult to tie properly. He wasn’t ashamed of his nakedness–not in front of Bishop Hart–but he still tried to maintain the decorum that was expected of him.

Until Bishop Hart took care of it for him. The older man pulled gently on one of the loose ties, causing the entire garment to fall down around Ingles’ tall, lean body. As the white cloth made its new home on the floor, Hart could see the large, swollen member of Elder Ingles.

He hadn’t said anything or made any indication of how aroused he was. Ingles must have been kneeling with his massive cock hard all while washing the priesthood leader’s feet. Such selfless was exactly what the Order worked hard to engrain in their recruits… and Elder Ingles couldn’t be more well trained.

Bishop Hart took the boy’s member in his hand, almost as if to curiously feel its size and weight. He’d spent much time with it before, but he always appreciated just how large it was on a boy with his frame. It seemed to jut out of him like a tree limb.

He placed it in his mouth, tasting the boy’s flesh on his tongue, exciting it even more with the warmth and wetness he could wrap around it. His hand stroked it as he took it in, practically feeling it pulse between his lips.

Bishop Hart held it once more and looked up at the boy. “Back down,” he ordered, which sent Elder Ingles immediately back to his knees.

Hart stood up, exaggerating their positions even further. Hart stood tall and powerful above him, truly a king before his subject. The older man removed his jacket and tie, throwing them aside before unbuttoning his shirt. He made quick work of his upper garments, stripping down to reveal his smooth, chiseled torso.

Elder Ingles looked up eagerly, completely enamored with the bishop’s body. Hart proceeded to unbuckle his pants and and strip them to the side as well. The older man stood naked in front of the missionary, his cock fully extended and slightly moving side to side from his activities. It was glorious. A perfect specimen.

Elder Ingles couldn’t wait for an invitation. He immediately pressed his face against his leader’s cock, feeling its smooth texture against his cheek and his lips, lowering himself to feel his manhood brush up against his him. He opened his mouth and took it deep into his mouth, feeling it press against his tonsils and fill up the back of his throat.

Bishop Hart let out a satisfied moan. The boy was truly skilled as sucking a cock. His mouth was like warm, wet velvet, teasing his head with every small move he made, never stopping or gagging.

Elder Ingles took the older man’s balls in his hand, cradling them as he worked hard to make his superior happy.

“Look up at me,” Bishop Hart told him, watching him with great pleasure and pride as he selflessly felated him. Hart met eyes with the young man, seeing his hunger and dedication. He knew he had to fuck him. There was no way around it. His cock needed to be deep inside him.

Pulling his cock out of the boy’s eager mouth, he leaned back on the bed, crawling back to bring his legs up onto its surface. Elder Ingles watched, waiting to see what would be asked next of him, happy to do anything and everything that was asked of him.

“I want you to get up on the bed and face away from me,” Bishop Hart instructed, stroking his hard, wet cock, dripping with an excess of the boy’s saliva.

Elder Ingles got up on the bed and did as he was told, spreading his legs intuitively over Bishop Hart’s body and sitting down on the older man’s cock. It ran against his hole for a moment, just feeling like a steel rod between his cheeks, riding along the entrance of his hole.

Bishop Hart took his cock and pointed up to kiss the mouth of the boy’s backside, feeling his ass compress under the pressure of the tip. This only lasted a second before the boy’s hole, warm and excited and lubricated with his own spit, split open to receive the older man’s manhood. In a quick slide, Bishop Hart entered the young boy’s body, filling him with his cock, giving it the tight, warm massage he needed…
Published : 05/04/18

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