Temple Shower

Elder Ingles followed behind Bishop Gibson, unsure of why he was being pulled away. He’d often watched the handsome man whenever they were in the same room, fantasizing about him, but he’d never spoken with him until now.

There was something strangely familiar and intimidating about Bishop Gibson to the young missionary. He reminded him of his older brother: square jawed, trim beard, intense look in the eyes. Deep down Ingles wanted to impress him, like he did with his siblings, but there was something more to it as well.

The older leader had pulled Ingles aside during temple, whispering to him when the two were close and alone. Ingles knew there must be something secretive about this… perhaps even something to do with the Order. He went along with him, leaving his companion behind, curious to find what this sexy stranger would show him.

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As he continued, he realized they were heading to the temple showers. No one would be there at this time, leading Ingles’ imagination to spiral out of control. It was hard for him to even conceal his excitement, practically skipping as he walked.

Once they made it into the showers, Bishop Gibson started to undress, stripping down his garments. He gave the missionary a look indicating that he should do the same. With intense enthusiasm, the lanky teenager threw off his clothing so fast that he was down to his garments at the same time Gibson was–even with a substantial delay.

Gibson, still having not said more than a few whispered words to him, lead Ingles into a shower stall.

In the tiny little cell of the shower, the two pressed up against each other, putting their hands on each other’s shoulders, feeling their bodies and muscles before connecting with an impassioned kiss.

The feeling of Gibson’s beard on Ingles’ face was electric. He’d never had such a romantic rendezvous before, slipping away like it was a scene from a romance novel. No plan, no preparation, just the undeniable desire for each other leading them into a moment of secret seduction. It everything he knew a good missionary should avoid… but that only made it more exciting.

As their bodies rubbed together, their garments made soft swishing sounds as their fabrics moved over each other. Their body heat intensified, feeling the friction of skin and hair and cotton. Beneath it all, they could feel their erections poking upward against their pelvises, growing bigger and harder, desperate to be freed.

Elder Ingles was the first to drop to his knees, feeling the cold stone floor of the shower as he came down. He didn’t let it deter him, however, as he pulled down his older companion’s garment shorts.

As his fingers curled under the waistband of the shorts, he could see the golden pubic hairs of the bishop catch the light breaking in through the high shower window. They glistened of their own accord, a beautiful patch of light, thick hair.

It matched that of the man’s beard and chest, seemingly as if it was just a further extension of those indications of his masculinity. Elder Ingles brought his face in close, taking a moment to let the heated musk of them fill his lungs. He’d often wondered what Gibson’s cock would be like, and this was his moment to see firsthand.

Pulling down the shorts, he watched as the bishop’s beautiful cock fell out. Fully erect, it stood out just a couple inches from his face. It was hard to not immediately shove it into his mouth, but he wanted to study every inch of it.

He saw how it connected to his body, breaking out from its golden tuft. His balls were cleanly shaven, perfect spheres that almost seemed to keep his shaft up. His cock itself was neatly uncut, his foreskin naturally fallen down to reveal the full head of his penis.

He swallowed intently, feeling his mouth swell up with saliva. He knew he’d waited long enough and needed to go in for a taste. Separating his lips and taking a deep breath, he moved his head forward, letting the massive member fill his face and slide over his tongue.

It tasted manly and sweet, pulsating a warm, passionate heat into his mouth. He could feel the rush of desire in it, keeping it swollen and hard. He sucked it lovingly, worshipping it like it was a true gift.

Bishop Gibson looked down, surprised and impressed with the young missionary’s performance thus far. He’d had a suspicion that he might not be as pure and innocent as he looked, and the way he worshipped his cock only gave him proof. Clearly, this was not his first time.

Nevertheless, Gibson watched as the boy continued to service him. He looked past the boy’s mouth and down to his crotch, seeing the impressive bulge he was sporting on his own. Gibson, not one to pass up a beautiful cock to suck on, wet his out lips, readying himself for his reciprocation.

Gibson carefully removed his garment shirt from his top half, feeling his body heat up from the tight space they occupied. Seeing that Ingles had a firm lock on his cock as well, he gently kicked of his garment shorts, leaving him standing completely naked.

This gave Elder Ingles enough of a distraction to break from his blowjob to look up at his furry leader. He could see the fine hairs travel up from his cock toward his neck and face. He couldn’t believe how handsome he was.

This break allowed Gibson to pull the boy up to his feet and for him to drop to his knees.

Similar to what he’d experienced, Bishop Gibson proceed to release and suck on the young boy’s cock. Yet again, he found Ingles to be full of delightful surprises. His big cock seemed even bigger given the narrow, skinny body it stuck out from. Not only that, it tasted like heaven.

Elder Ingles loved having his dick sucked, feeling it pulse pleasure throughout his entire groin, activating his balls, pushing into his prostate, and radiating out to his fingers and toes. The sensation was so amazing that he found it hard to stand still.

Instinctively, he found himself rocking his body back and forth, pumping his cock in and out of Bishop Gibson’s mouth. The older man knew what was happening: Ingles’ urge to fuck was coming out.

Not all boys get it, and those who do don’t get it right away. It can be hard for that feeling to manifest when you’re being submissive and subservient, but Bishop Gibson knew all too well that despite your station and authority, sometimes you just want to switch it up.

Not wanting to deny the boy his feelings, Bishop Gibson relaxed his jaw and let the boy fuck his mouth as much as he could. Every push lead the boy’s cock back into his throat, giving him the exciting pleasure of a slight gag as it moved in and out. Gibson knew this was only, however, that this was only a temporary fix.

Standing up, he removed the boy’s garments, stripping him down completely. Freed from the bonds of his garments, Elder Ingles felt a rush of power and excitement. He turned the faucet on for the shower, standing tall as the hot, steamy water rushed over his body. He pulled Bishop Gibson close to him, bringing the older man in under the stream. As he did, his hand touched the man’s ass, only making the boy even more desperate to fuck…
Published : 02/23/18


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