Second Anointing

Elder Ingles could hardly believe his eyes when the blindfold was removed. He was on his back breathing heavy whenhe got his first look at the man deep inside him. He knew him intimately, aware of every inch of his hard cock, but had no idea who he was or what he looked like.

Two blue circles, like crisp ice over tiny ponds staring back at him. At first it was all he could see as his eyes adjusted to the dim light . His eyes darted over his muscular body, taking in every seductive shadow that helped to carve out his form in the darkness. He was more handsome than he could have imagined, rugged and masculine. And Elder Ingles knew instantly that he loved this man.

In the days that passed, Ingles couldn’t think of much else. The way President Lee had taken him, blinding him and penetrating him without knowing who he was, it flooded his imagination, making him desperate to experience it again.

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As much as their sex was intense and passionate, in a way, he felt like the president was only there for a moment. The leader’s cum poured out onto his ass almost as soon as the blindfold was removed. From his perspective, it was still a stranger fucking him for more of the time. He wanted to know what it was like to truly make love to him, to know him, and to look into his eyes as he pushed his cock back into him.

An eternity passed until he was called to the temple again. He had no idea who he was meeting with, only that he was to be prompt and not alert his new companion. Elder Ingles would have run the whole way if he could, instead he tried his best to pedal his bike without his recurring boner from popping up.

Once inside, he was told to strip down to his garments and wait for the leadership in the altar room. It was a large, white room with a large table altar in the center. It seemed much too large for a regular church service. Plus, it was covered in what looked like a cushioned pad and sheets. It seemed more like a bed than an altar… an observation that only made Elder Ingles’ heart race. As he tried to put together what would happen, he saw President Lee walk in the room.

He nearly held his breath. The man walked in wearing a clean, white shirt, suspenders, and finely pressed pants. His tan, sunkissed skin seemed to glow from underneath, making appear more like a bronze god than a priest.

He’d only had an obscured, brief view of him before, but now, in the light of day, he was probably the most handsome man he ever saw. Standing there in just his union suit garments, he instantly felt unworthy… but also desperate to smell him and feel him again.

President Lee stepped forward, immediately grabbing Ingles close to him, kissing him softly and sweetly. His hands moved over his body as he greeted the young boy. The garments were the softest cotton, forming around Ingles’ body, breaking only in the back at the opening of his buttocks. Lee couldn’t resist running his hands inside, feeling the tiny hairs on the boy’s butt–just as soft.

President Lee brought the boy to the altar table, sitting him down with his legs hanging out. From this position, Lee ran his hands over the long, furry legs of Elder Ingles, caressing him and massaging him. Elder Ingles felt his body heat up, overwhelmed by how lucky he was. President Lee was a god to him, and this man was taking the time worship him back.

Lee put Ingles up on his knees, high up on the altar. Slowly, his hands unzipped his garments, peeling them down like the skin of a banana. Beneath, the soft, sensitive skin of Elder Ingles was seen. His delicate chest hair collected together around his pubescent nipples, becoming hard and erect in the cool, open air. President Lee couldn’t help but bring himself in to taste them, running his warm, wet mouth around the tiny tips of the boy’s chest.

Elder Ingles let out a soft, gentle moan. It felt amazing to be touched and tasted by the older man. He felt his cock swell up beneath the garments that still clung to his body, begging to be released as well.

President Lee stepped back, removing his shirt and suspenders as Elder Ingles watched on. The boy’s eyes barely blinked, not wanting to miss a second of his leader disrobing. With baited breath and heightened attention, he watched as Lee removed his clothing, stripping down to his garment shorts, exposing his impressive muscles.

His skin was smooth, almost velvety. It had a soft luster to it as if it had been perfectly buffed from stone. He was as firm and solid as well. Ingles could see how this muscles expanded and contracted as he moved, pumping him into motion like some sort of perfect machine. He continued to watch him as he peeled down his garments, revealing his cock to the white light of the room.

It was bigger than he remembered it. Standing out from the man’s smooth hips, it appeared to be covered in testosterone-fueled veins, all branching out from the base and meeting at the head of his massive shaft. He remembered how it felt inside him and how it filled him deeply and intensely. He couldn’t believe his body took it all. And he was eager to take it again.

Stripped naked, President Lee leaned in and gave Elder Ingles a deep, intimate kiss. Their tongues wrestled around each other playfully, as if trying to show who was needing it more. Lee’s hand fell to the boy’s genitals, slipping beneath the draping garment fabric that still covered his waist and legs. His hands felt his erection and testicles, teasing them into higher arousal.

Lee moved to the edge of the altar and pulled at the legs of Ingles’ garments, taking them off to strip the boy down completely. Ingles had to lie back to assist in the removal, causing his cock to stand tall at attention over his flat, toned body.

President Lee moved the boy’s legs back, bending them up to open his ass up to him. The boy’s long, lean legs braced him up as his hole was exposed to the light. Lee ran his hands over it, caressing the soft hairs that sprinkled over his buttocks, feeling his way to the smooth, tender tissue of his hole. It was warm, like a freshly removed bun from the oven. His fingers lingered on it, feeling it pulse and pucker under his touch.

The feeling was enough to drive Elder Ingles wild. His body shook with anticipation, hungry to feel him inside. Even as the soft tips of Lee’s fingers began to break into his sex, subtly penetrating him with the slightest end of his digit, Ingles felt his cock seep out pre-cum like it was a leaky faucet.

He needed him inside him. He would do anything for him. And more than anything, he wanted to see him when he was being fucked.

With that, President Lee reached for the bottle of oil beside the altar and began to lube up his thick, epic shaft. The slick liquid dripped onto Ingles as it coated the older man’s member, giving Ingles just enough excess with which to stroke his own cock.

President Lee moved himself into position, pressing his cock up against the smooth hole of his boy. He held it in place, teasingly, looking into Elder Ingles’ eyes. Seeing his desperation, his hunger, and his excitement, Lee couldn’t deny the boy any longer. Rubbing the long muscles of Ingles’ legs, he slowly pushed himself against the boy’s hole, feeling the tight sphincter break around him, taking him in slowly, eagerly, and gratefully…
Published : 03/14/18


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