Elder Ingles felt his lips press against President Lee’s, almost as if they were dancing with each other. It had been a long while sincehe’d tasted the older man and his passion seemed to know no bounds.

As soon as Lee made his way into the room, finely groomed and ready for the young man’s ordination, it seemed as though all ritual and civility was cast aside. Instead of a distinguished president and an obedient missionary, they were reduced to their animal drives. Like two proud lions, they pawed at each other, playfully tearing at each other’s clothing, as if stripping each other of their formal attire would free them to do what nature made them to do.

Elder Ingles took off his jacket, following President Lee’s lead, watching as the heavy coat slipped away to reveal his strong, broad shoulders. The young man was quick to tug at his tie, trying to see more of him faster and faster.
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Elder Ingles knew how to be submissive, how to obey, and how to do as a proper inductee of the Order should do. But something about President Lee’s steely blue eyes made him lose his sense of self and made him uncontrollably aroused.

President Lee could see the hunger in the boy’s big, brown eyes. The gaze that stared back at him was that of complete worship and adoration. He was everything to this boy. Everything he dreamed about and wanted. He knew he could have him completely, and the thought was too tempting to resist or delay.

Lee kissed the boy back, undressing him down as he continued to remove his own clothing. Before long, the two were down to just their white, sheer undergarments. They could see one another’s erections, poking up tall tents of light fabric on their groins. They reached out for each other, feeling the hot, swollen meat that pulsed beneath.

President Lee knelt down, bringing himself to meet the boy’s loins with his face. His hands pressed against Ingles’ backside, both holding the lean boy in place as well as feeling the soft curve of his buttocks. He grasped it tightly, feeling his cheeks knead between his fingers. As he did, he pulled the boy closer, bringing his crotch a couple inches from his mouth.

His breath was heavy and warm, pouring air onto Elder Ingle’s excited cock. The young boy was patient, waiting for President Lee to make the move that would most satisfy him. His mouth watered thinking of how he would return the favor… as did the tip of his cock.

Seeing the slowly emerging wetness on the tip of the boy’s penis, President Lee pulled down the boy’s garment shorts, letting his manhood hang free in the air. It was as large as he remembered, perfectly erect, complimenting his tall stature with its own impressive size.

He took the phallus to his mouth, kissing it up and down its length, pausing at its base to cradle and caress the boy’s testicles. He kissed them lovingly, knowing what they would produce. His mouth moved back to the top of the boy’s cock, expertly taking it between his lips and back on his tongue in one swift movement.

Elder Ingles felt the warm, wet mouth of his leader wrap around him, sending out wave after wave of pleasure throughout his body. His toes curled, as if trying to brace himself from falling backward by clinging onto the floor. Instead, he placed a hand on the back of President Lee’s head, both to hold himself up and to get more leverage for his cock to move back and forth.

President Lee opened his mouth wider as the horny boy began to fuck his mouth, pushing his member back against his throat, filling his face with one thrust after another. He felt his own cock swell up, trying hard to break through his garments.

The older man stood up, revealing his excitement to the young boy before him. Elder Ingles looked down and marvelled at the massive tool hidden inside President Lee’s garments. He knelt down, just as Lee had done for him, and pulled down his underwear to free his massive cock.

It was bigger than his own. Thicker, veiner. It seemed to be muscled just as the rest of Lee’s body. It was smooth all over and radiated a heat that he could practically see. Not wasting any time, Elder Ingles shoved the monster cock into his mouth, feeling it hit the back of his throat, filling up his long neck with its many inches.

He choked on it for a second, gagging slightly. This only seemed to excite President Lee more, knowing that his manhood was a substantial task for the boy. He watched as Elder Ingles fiendishly sucked on his cock, taking it as much as he could. His mouth got it good and wet, dripping slightly down on his smooth, full balls.

The older man put a careful hand on the back of the boy’s head, not to pressure him or push him, but more to coach him and guide him. He loved seeing Elder Ingles worship him and wanted to give him all the encouragement to keep going.

As the boy continued to service him, Lee felt his balls tighten, becoming more and more sensitive to his need to seed. He held out as long as he could, not wanting to interrupt Elder Ingles’ expert blowjob, but he knew that he had to fuck him. Besides, Elder Ingles wouldn’t be ordained without taking the president cum deep inside his tight hole…
Published : 06/07/18


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