Elder Ingles stripped out of his clothes and put on the sacred temple shield as instructed. He’d worn this protective garment a few times before, always for the purpose of some special blessing or ceremony. This time was similar, except for one important difference: he’d fucked the man giving him the blessing.

He couldn’t believe it when it happened. Bishop Hart was so handsome and powerful and completely in control of Ingles. When he bent his body over his desk and showed his perfectly smooth, well rounded ass to the young missionary, it was like nothing he’d ever seen before.

Fucking him cemented something inside Elder Ingles: he loved sex! Not only that, he loved sex with Bishop Hart.

Shortly after, Bishop Hart requested Elder Ingles meet him in one of the chambers of the temple to be initiated into the Order. This was another step on his way toward ultimate ordination, and represented a huge honor to the young missionary boy.

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He felt special and valued. Being singled out by the Brethren gave him a both a sense of pride and a sense of humility. He was receiving attention he’d never imagined from men who were so much more knowledgeable and powerful than him. He wanted to make them proud and do whatever it took to keep them happy. He had a hunch that if he did, he’d get more sex!

As he entered the white room where Bishop Hart waited for him, he felt a familiar sense of awkwardness. He was very aware of his nakedness, shielded only by a small piece of cloth running over his front and back side. Bishop Hart stood in full shirt and tie, seeming to only reinforce Ingles’ nudity and vulnerability.

Ingles looked to the handsome man for cues of what to do. Bishop Hart took a bottle of oil from a small stool nearby and began to run it over his hands. In a formalized manner, he began to recite words of a ritual to bless the boy’s body from head to toe.

Much of it sounded familiar, but Ingles’ mind was clouded with the memories of their intimacies. Bishop Hart took his oiled hands to every part of his body, methodically and ceremoniously, touching his neck, arms, and legs.

While these touches weren’t sexual in nature, Ingle’s wild erotic imagination took over, making him think to when Hart had touched him before. His penis, out and open save for the shield, began to swell from arousal. This, of course, made Ingles even more self-conscious, not sure if it was okay this was the time for him to be hard!

Bishop Hart continued his work of blessing and anointing, seeing the boy’s hard cock and momentarily paying it no attention. His hands and words cascaded over the boy, preparing him for what the Brethren had in store for him.

Still, Bishop Hart’s mind was also remembering their previous encounter. He loved the way Elder Ingles enthusiastically penetrated him, feeling his insides wrap around his cock for the first time and fucking him hard with all the vitality and stamina of youth. He, too, felt himself becoming aroused, and found himself becoming less capable of ignoring it.

When his hands moved down the spine of the boy’s back, Bishop Hart paused as his hand reached his buttocks. He felt it longingly, wanted badly to see it bent over and spread once more. Ingles turned his head to look at his handsome mentor, desperate for any sign that the two could do what he wanted so badly.

Locking eyes, they seemed to be able to read each other’s thoughts. Bishop Hart took a beat, as if he were saying to himself, “fuck it!”

Hart removed the boy’s shield, stripping him down so he could see the boy’s thin, hairy body. The mash up of youthful naivete, maturely developed features, and his boyish face was everything Bishop Hart loved in his missionaries.

He sat Ingles down on the nearby stool, spreading his legs apart for him to kneel between. The boy’s cock stood firmly erect, pointed up toward his mentor. In seconds, Hart was down on the floor, taking it into his mouth, running his slick hands over the boy’s balls and thighs as he inhaled the shaft down his throat.

This is amazing, Elder Ingles thought to himself. For weeks he’s thought of nothing else but the hot sex he was having through the Order and begging for more. And yet, with the older man sucking his cock, he couldn’t believe that it was happening and how good it was.

Bishop Hart looked up from his blowjob to see the look of delight in the young boy’s face. He knew that for Ingles, this was still very new. And seeing the expression of satisfaction and discovery in his face was completely intoxicating.

Hart ran his tongue over the ridge of his cock, feeling its length pass by his taste buds, taking every piece of him in. As he continued, he felt his own crotch press firmly against his garments, scratching at his cock as it swelled inside its white, woven cage. He knew he couldn’t last long in this state.

Standing up, Bishop Hart quickly stripped out of his formal attire. As he removed his shirt and tie, Elder Ingles stroked his wetted cock, watching the handsome man reveal more of his bare, smooth skin. He admired how it perfectly wrapped around his muscles, making him look almost like an action figure of a sexy superhero.

Once down to his garment shorts, Bishop Hart pulled out his excited cock. He stroked himself gently, showing it to Elder Ingles. The young boy’s mouth watered when he saw it. He worshipped that piece. He wanted it in him however he could.

Bishop Hart held it in place and stood beside his protégé. Elder Ingles waited, patiently waiting for a signal to proceed from Hart. The bishop saw the boy’s eyes widen, looking at him hungrily and desperately. It was the same look that trained dogs have when they’re told to wait to eat until told to do so.

Seeing his power and authority reflected back in the boy’s eyes, Bishop hart silently and subtly nodded. It was all Elder Ingles needed. He ravenously fell down on the older man’s cock, inhaling deeply as it filled his mouth. He wanted this man more than anything else. And there was no greater feeling that obediently taking his cock…

Published : 01/28/18

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