The Calling

President Lewis is experienced in introducing young men to the more unexpected and intimate parts of their mission.He knowswhat a shock it can be for the innocent elders to learn the delicious secrets of priesthood sex, and he eases them into physical contact by guiding them with his firm, deep voice. Any direction he gives is inevitably met with obedience, even if it the boy is reluctant at first.

In the case of fresh-faced Elder Hult, he finds the older man to be irresistible. He is nervous to meet with him privately, afraid that he will give up his hidden attraction to the man with his eyes or a quiver of his voice. He stays quiet and casts his eyes down down in an attempt to conceal his dark desires and keep them contained within his yearning soul and body. But President Lewis can’t be duped – he’s too experienced and too hungry for the young boy’s flesh. He sees right through Elder Hult’s defenses, and he wants to calm the boy’s mind. He calls the young man over to sit on his lap, and holds him firmly by the arm while gazing into his anxious eyes.
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“I think you’re ready,” he says with a friendly smile, offering a rare crack in the stoicism he usually employs when interacting with the young men of the mission. He takes off the boy’s shirt and tie, and places his warm hand on his bare chest. Elder Hult looks down at the man’s fingers and wonders what they are capable of. Will they be used to hurt him? Is suffering and pain going to be mixed with the love he feels for him? Or will they be used for … something else? Something so tantalizing that the boy can barely bring himself to picture it or fantasize about how would feel.

His questions are answered as President Lewis’s hand moves slowly down his torso, descending until it hovers over the young man’s cock. Elder Hult can hardly believe what is happening. It is almost as though his deepest fantasies are pouring out of him, into the air, and becoming reality. He knows that his attraction toward other men is sinful, he has been taught it all his life. But what if that isn’t true? What if, through his devotion to the mission and his obedience to the mission rules, he has earned the right to play out his fantasies with his mission leaders?

If there was ever any question whether the boy would be able to conceal his sexual drives from President Lewis, it is now answered. The man lifts the missionary’s undershirt over his head and pulls his underwear down to expose his engorged cock. The President knowingly the boy’s erect dick and is pleased – he’s very well-endowed and clearly full of sexual desire. The other men of The Order will enjoy this one, he thinks as he wraps his fingers around the boys thighs.

He lubricates Elder Hult’s smooth hole with his tongue, and the boy is sent into an orgasmic euphoria. The boy wraps his tongue around the head of the older man’s cock, and hopes he’ll be able to please him. President Lewis senses the boy’s eagerness and tension, and tells him to smile as he sucks.

As President Lewis grunts and rams Elder Hult’s hole, the boy feels deeply conflicted between what he knows to be right and his sinful desires of the flesh, his lust to be rammed hard and loaded with cum. But what President Lewis is doing to his cock, his hole, his entire body feels perfectly natural and right.

Published : 12/28/18


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