Confession to the Mission President

Although the church holds young men to a very high standard of personal conduct, the leaders of the church also know thatpeople are susceptible to temptation, especially when they are young and their bodies are undergoing powerful changes. Missionaries are therefore given many opportunities to resolve past transgressions before they enter the mission field. They are interviewed by their bishop, and their stake president, and then when they enter the missionary training center they are given yet another chance to confess to any sins they may have committed!

But Elder Hult never found the courage to tell his leaders about his sinful behavior. And now he’s terrified that someone will found out, and he’ll be sent him in shame. So he finally decides to seek out President Skye and come clean.

The guilt-riddled missionary has no idea that President Skye already suspects the handsome boy is guilty of the transgressions he is ready to confess to – that the older man in fact expects him to come and ask for forgiveness, but he gives the boy no sign of mercy.
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The look of disappointment on his priesthood authority’s face is enough to drive the boy to tears. Elder Hult begs the powerful man to allow him to stay in the mission, to allow him to serve alongside his brothers, and to become a better man. As the young boy pours out his heart, President Skye’s compassion stirs within him, but he cannot let the boy see that he has is moved or he will think that he can get away with anything he wants.

The boy expects President Skye to accept his contrition and a promise to do better as full penance, the president has something else in mind. He decides to teach the elder a lesson he’ll never forget.

He starts with the boy’s shoes, teaching him that if he cannot keep his shoes clean, he should never expect to be able to keep his mind and body clean in this filthy mortal world. The boy gets down on his hands and knees to clean his shoes, and then cleans the president’s pair as well, in an attempt to prove his worthiness and willingness to obey.

Then President Skye moves onto the carnal step of the boy’s repentance. He has the young man bend over and pull his underwear down. The older man grabs the boy’s ass cheeks with both hands, spreads them and presses his gigantic fingers into his butthole. He works the boy’s tight hole, opening it up before teaching him that his sins may be washed away through corporal punishment, if the proper procedures are followed.

Finally, the boy utters a specific confession, that he has masturbated in the past. President Skye tells the young man that he lacks discipline, and chooses to employ a clear crystal rod as the instrument of penancet. He inserts the cold hard tool into the guilty boy’s asshole, and as the young man squirms, President Skye’s cock gets as hard as rock. He watches as Elder Hult pulls out his own inexperienced cock and masturbates while he fondles the boy’s balls.

The pressure of the hard crystal rod against his prostate makes the boy ache to cum. He sits up on the man’s lap, and calls the load up from his nuts. As cum squirts from the boy’s cock, President Skye feels a sense of pride that the boy faced his fears, took his punishment like a man, and delivered such a satisfying load.

He knows the young man has a great future ahead of him. But he must keep this feeling close to his chest, as too much positive reinforcement could lead the boy toward the sin of pride. Real purity comes from within, and as this boy learns to control himself he’ll be an inexhaustible source of pleasure for his leaders.
Published : 02/01/19


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