Second Anointing

While superficialities of little consequence to the priests of the Order, President Nelson still creates a sense of envy amongst some of hiscolleagues with his incredible physique. However, to him, keeping physically fit is not about being attractive or proving his strength to others. Rather, it is a sign of discipline and the ability to train one’s body to yield to the mind. Nelson goes to the gym every day, working hard to sharpen his mental resolve, and a boy like Elder Holland is bound to take notice. Perhaps it is for the wrong reasons, but he can’t help but stare at the strong man as he passes through the halls of the temple.

Today, Nelson is interested in Holland’s physical progress. He knows the boy has been imitating him, attempting to build his body and his sense of discipline as he progresses through the ceremonies that lead to the Order. And as the boy undresses, Nelson is pleased with what he sees. The boy’s muscles are toned and striated. They feel firm under his hungry fingertips, and the imposing man is eager to sample the boy’s more intimate body parts.
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Before he does so, he challenges Holland to an arm-wrestling match, disrobing himself to expose his incredibly ripped body. Of course, he beats the boy, but he is impressed at the young man’s resolved. To reward him, he rubs the boy’s body down, paying close attention to every crevice of his young flesh. And as the boy jerks his cock, bringing himself to climax in a hot eruption of cum, Nelson is proud to have served as such a strong influence on him. Holland has pure intentions, and with his willingness to learn and grow, he is sure to be an asset to the men of the Order in the future.
Published : 10/19/16


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